Monday, November 23, 2009

Into the light of the dark black night.

I whistled as I noticed that he was getting a little to much ahead of me. He didn't care at all. He usually perks up to attention when I whistle, but not tonight. There he goes. I could barely see him now, It has been rainy all day and the heat has turned the air into another one of those nights. As I quicken my step and start to jog I realize that our deal about him being on the 1ft lead for only emergencies? He may have just broken it.

"MUTCH!" I yell whispered, the kind where your throat gets scratchy.
Even in his aging years he heard me I know he did, because he turned around for one quick second to see me at a faster-than-walks pace, scampered a bit faster and then started running. I know that the first rule of dog club is not to run to catch a dog, but my dog never just straight out runs away from me on our walks. He's always respected our deal. My ball cap bounced off my head as I started to jog passing the tall live oaks along the Boulevard. The spanish moss really is extraordinary on these misty nights. The moon light is suggestive enough to coerce me into looking at the frondescence in 2-dimentional values for more than thirty-seconds. The air doesn't seem as chilly now. My blood rate is definitely up for the first time this week. That's a good start to a new week of "heart rate up for at least 30 minutes, three days a week" rule. I feel proud that mostly I exceed that.

Moments later I caught up to him and didn't scold him for running away from me. He slowed his pace and stayed right next to me the rest of the block and I serenaded him with the familiar "BAhrahRAHROOOOOO" that makes Jeffrey the Long Dog howl. His tail was wagging eagerly. I understand his happiness to get out, it is Sunday and I've been pretty much working all day.

Four blocks later I have to stop. I've never been fond of running just to run. I think it reminds me of doing squat-thrusts in grade school PE. Those were the worst. I remember basketball practice and then laugh to myself thinking of how I tried out for every sport and never made the team. I couldn't hit a hoop with a ball if a stork came and dropped it in there for me. But not now. Now, people stand and stare when I'm on the Super Shot game. Can't help it when the machine is screaming "NICE SHOT!" "WHATTA SHOT!" and "TWOOOO POINTS"! Much in the same way as your momma at the mail man, on check day.That reminds me. I was never good at cut down fights either.

I slowed my pace to a fast walk and couldn't believe that I just ran five blocks without being chased.
"hey, get up here on the grass" I said because Mutch veered out onto the road. He obliged, and led the way back to our house. My mind jumped to one of my most favorite songs that I sing too myself. "Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life. You were only waiting for this moment to arise..."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween in Pensacola
Joanne Clair and Johnnie

Halloween in Pensacola
Crystal, DS and Joe

Halloween in Pensacola
Billy, Joe, Me and Crystal

Halloween in Pensacola
DS and I know a guy that knows a guy...

Halloween 2009...Good times!

Halloween in Pensacola
We went to the Rocky Horror at the Pensacola Little Theatre. SOOO FUN!

halloween 09 me as flapper
Happy Birthday Scorpio!

self service 24 hr. car wash: the new hooker hangout?

So as I walk out of the circle K and approach my car to get in I see that some bird has taken vengeance on the Jettie. Some bird shit all over the front of my car like it had just eaten some McRib sandwiches. FOUR McRib sandwiches to be exact. Hm. Washing my car is one thing on my to do list, so I shall go. Now.

I thought of the closest self service car wash. One is over there, where I probably shouldn't be doing the whole "girl washing car" thing in front of the whole neighborhood. A neighborhood that I shouldn't be in after dark. But ah! there is another, the other way; about six blocks. I knew I would have the whole place to myself because 9:00 is like the middle of the night here. I pulled in and parked in the second to last bay.

For the thirty-first time I look down into the dark circular space intended for a cup and wish those tokens into quarters. (Lesson learned: never put $20 into token machine if most of the games SUCK.) that didn't work so I grabbed my little pursie purse and collected my $2.25 worth of quarters considering the damage done if I try to stick a token in the slot.

I have two dollar bills I can get change for if I run out of time so I pick up the sprayer and switch the dial to "rinse". I brought Mutch with me. He was so hilarious when I sprayed the window! His reaction was pretty much the same as a humans would be. Each time he made a funny face. I could totatlly do this for all of my allotted four minutes and twelve seconds, but I've been trying to not let the A.D.D control me. I began to work my way around the rest of my car. I take personal note that a little Tan truck has been sitting a few spots down at the vacuums and think that at least one other person washes their car THIS late at night.

I turned the switch to "foam brush"...geeze! that thing was squirting out pink bubbles! like right away! all over the floor! I turned to scrub the hood and noticed somebody duck around the corner. Whatever, they must be looking for change. I COVERED my car with what looked like a pepto-bismal and dish soap practical joke and I hear "Ehhhhssssuuuuze me MAmm. whhhold you hhHap ep ennn to have change furh a tin?"

I turn to look at whom is addressing me with a wildly foaming staff of metal spewing pink foam everywhere. I see...Gene Simmons meets Willie Nelson fondling some money and having energy of DRUNKenness. "No I don't. Sorry." I said. (Did THAT guy get out of THAT car??)
"oh, ok, sorry to bother you. By the way, you look REALLY NIIiiiiIICCCe in them jeans."

ohhh kaaaay uhhm. Look around and add all weapons within reach into mental inventory. Takes .002 seconds. I reckon I'm HOLDING a weapon. I'll foam him to death! It must have been written all over my face because he says "well sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. please forgive me, but you are (as he leans far back) woooowhhhe!"

Mutch is in the car. He hates drunk people. He shall be weapon number two. "Sir, you should go and wash your car." I said. In my way. More apologizing, and he's gone.

Ugh. That little exchange just cost me the rest of my time. I have to walk around the front (where he went) to the change machine. So there he is, standing up against the trash bin trying to write or something. WTF?
The stupid machine won't take my dollars (computer says NOOOooo) and here he comes. He gives to me in detail how the change machine will only take a dollar every few minutes. It's WEIRD like that.

I tried again, both slots. He's still talking and apologizing. And getting REALLY in my space. "SO, does it do this all the time?" I asked. He seemed to know so dam much about the thing, I was beginning to think he was the night attendant. "PSshhhht. HELL, I don't know. What? do I LOOK like the change machine attendant?"
SERIOUSLY? I had to stop to access the situation.

Walking back to my car that is covered in PINK FOAM I can hear him yelling out places I shall go to get change. The circle K a block down the street is open. I'd rather ignore him because I'm passed that. I'm now on DRIVING my car to the convenience store COVERED IN PINK FOAM.
And that's just what I did.

NOBODY even laughed. Can you believe that? Not even the skater boys walking into the store. And trust me you COULDN't miss it. Truthfully, it really upped the comedic value of the whole situation.
I returned to the car wash and that ford truck was gone. And so was "crazytown". I liked that.
Everyday is an adventure. (I would have kicked that guy's ass.)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mood: totally bitchin.

I listened to Dave Navarro's show tonight. And I also joined the live message boards. It was so totally like hanging out with my friends- every topic took a giant nosedive into the land of ridiculous inappropriateness. I learned there's a video of a lady having massive slukkies in a hot tub, saw some interesting pics of DN that even I could never find on the internet, learned that Dave thinks his therapist wants to pork him and got to hear Sandra Bernhard's new song. All while working.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$miler'$ Antiques

On the way home from Orlando Bosley usually cuts the drive a bit by stopping at some random place to browse or eat. Hilarity usually insues.
I spilled a gigantic coffee (on the save) all over the counter at Dunkin Donuts. She insisted that they had NO towels. Bosley and I are grabbing napkins out of the dispenser like mad...until I pop the whole thing open and grab handfulls of paper napkins to clean up the tidal wave of iced coffee. She stood there and watched. Bosley was apologetic I was about to write an email to DD telling them to get some ding dang rags. We both thought we were being punkd'. We stopped at this place to eat once just ordered like, 20 tiny yukky burgers and the power went out. They gave us 15 half cooked tiny yukky burgers and wouldn't let us leave. Bosley grabs Moby's latest cd and makes us listen to it in the van. No, no that's not hilarious at all.

so on our way home this time we're given the option to stop at this "really cool" antique store.
"Hell yah!" I said as Cath follows it up with "owwhhallriggght."

As we pulled in I was a little apprehensive I have to admit. I've seen set ups like this before...I didn't make it five steps into the door and I was fixed upon a vintage ring. It was the prettiest square cut gemstone set in this fabulous art deco style. I knew that I didn't have any money to spend on that kind of thing so I didn't even check how much it cost. I tore myself away and took a look around.

$miley'$ Flea Market
uhmmm okaaaayyy.

I started down the first aisle looking at prices of things that caught my eye.
Yah, it's one of "those" places. Tourist attraction vintage market. Booths rented out by "dealers" that aren't anywhere around. Prices so stinking high I'm not sure if anyone with a space was doing much $miling. They certainly weren't doing much money counting. Or booth re-stocking.

I take this as a personal challenge. I'm determined to find that one little thing that is priced (really) low and has style. It's the Scorpio/Virgo/Artist in me. I can't help it.
And that is just what I did. More like that's what I thought I did, until I flipped my find around to see the ridiculous price affixed to the side. DAM. I wanted it so badly and I was convinced the price was under $10! I had to alert Cathy!
I took my find over to her as she was looking at a full color,life size stand-up cutout of Peppermint Patty. Cut out of plywood.
I showed her my find and the price tag.
She showed me her find and the price tag on it.
We looked at each other. Crookedly. "That thing is cut out of PLYWOOD not Granite right?" I said.
She had me take a pic of her with it.

I continued on my way with my find in tow and spotted this:
$miley'$ Flea Market
I HAVE to have this. At least in my imagination."How much?" I asked to woman that was following me around. She had to go call the vendor. I don't know why I made her do that. Maybe it was unconsciously to get her off my tail because I wasn't ever going to pay $375 for a stuffed rattle snake with a bunk rattler.

then I see this:
$miley'$ Flea Market
ItwouldbesoperfectinDS'shouse! But it wont. It will be perfect there. On that pegboard wall. Until the end of time with a price tag like that. I swear that I could go hunt my own for less. Who ELSE would want this??

I was so fired up for no real reason and so I took my find to the counter.
"I'll pay eight bucks for this."
"She won't take eight dollars for that." the lady immediately said.
I set my find on the counter and politely said "Then I don't want it." and went outside to get my phone. I was kinda upset.

Cathy was sitting on the bench and told me that she just saw a lady walk outside and say to the man she was with "It's a bunch of overpriced JUNK!"
So, not just MY experince? I'm just sayin.

DAMDAMDAM!my find was so awesome! But I wouldn't even pay that much if I had some fun money to get rid of! I was pissed and beginning not to like this place. I sure wasn't $miling as I walked back in to find Bosley. I turned the corner and was faced with a wall of these:
$miley'$ Flea Market

okay. I'm officially delivering the inevitable to Bosley. We're ready to go. I'm not sure if I will be able to sleep for months now after seeing that.

I found him knee deep in pristine Vintage Christmas records, and excited about it so I told him of my find let down and HEY! LOOK AT THIS RATTLESNAKE!! I really couldn't spoil his moment all too much. He gave himself ten more minutes. I agreed. Went back outside to talked with Cathy for a few minutes and realized that I didn't get a picture of my great find.

I went into the store again.
As I walked in, the woman was wrapping up my find and handing it to Bosley along with all 50 of his Christmas records.
I took it away from her, looked at Bosley, gave it back to her and said "No. no. Return this please." He was laughing at me as the woman and I played a little round of push and push back with the package.
"Bosley, that's way too much for that! REALLY! THANK YOU! But PLEASE RETURN IT. return it?"
So he bought it for me. He told me thanks for being a part of the team.
I had a little bit of a hard time accepting it. I mean really, it wasn't a ton of money but still. "HOLY SHIT!THANK YOU BOSLEY! THANK YOU THANK YOU!"
So the third time I walked out of there I was indeed, $miling.

what is this very fantastic find?...

$miley'$ Flea Market

$miley'$ Flea Market
hehe! it's GIANT! I LOVE IT!

$miley'$ Flea Market

Highlights of my latest trip to Epcot

1. 11 hours of meetings (let's just get that out of the way.)

Epcot 9/09
2. Seeing this and thinking about it rolling away AGAIN. Want to make my experience magical? let that thing roll around the park a'la "The Prisoner!"

Epcot 9/09
3. Cathy being coy about the fancy spaceship Robert rented for us.

Epcot 9/09
4. The Tequila Bar in Mexico. Could only get better with some of that other stuff you can readily get in Mexico.

Epcot 9/09
5. Soarin'. Five times in a row. My feet off the ground. Soarin'. And the Tequila Bar. And Cathy ordering a pitcher of Sangria at dinner.

I'm so lucky to work with the people that I do. It's always a great time as well as productive. I love the career experiences and getting to hang out with my coworkers. The time I spend laughing with them is invaluable to me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crossing swords since 1994.

2009 Canfield Fair

2009 Canfield Fair

2009 Canfield Fair
Canfield Fair. So glad the Dutchess and Jim like the vegetables too!
Dusty 08/09

Dusty 08/09

Dusty is fancy. Dusty makes me fancy.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I can't love you with your eyes wide shut.

I keep trying to place myself in a hypothetical situation whereas:

I very recently met someone that I connect with in magical ways. I look very forward to spending time with this person. When we are together the rest of the world comes to a whoa. My feelings are returned with a grown up sense of understanding and appreciation. And caring. We are confidant and excited for our future of growing together. My house is a home with this person.
There is something taking my emotional state to ragged. I am ready to finalize the divorce. But this person, the one that I fell in love with not all that long ago is looking for redemption. Very last minute ditch efforts to convince me to reconsider. Remember that our love is stronger than this? Begging and pleading for another chance to give me all of the things that they had promised me on that day.

My conscience simply cannot allow me to be numb to this. I have deep emotional strings of loyalty and here is this person that I fell in love with at their utmost vulnerable state. While I listen to him turn the pages of the chapters numb feelings feed my brain the sadness I have for being the enigma of his brokenness.
It makes me introspect with the knowledge that I have on the other side that in which I never felt they could give me in the first place. A slight escape from the confrontation.
As I tell him that I don't love him anymore my heart breaks with a certain sadness.

In an effort to understand your energy my guileless thoughts have no trouble jumping into that persona. I gather memories from one of my own past lives. Sure, it wasn't a marriage. But it was. I'm not one to believe that it takes a piece of paper. My thoughts are returned with compassion while knowing that we have all been there. We have all fallen out of love and we have all begged for forgiveness at some point in our lives. In some cases human nature leads to aggressiveness if we learn there are doors opening on the other side.

Your words are so sweetly reassuring. The only threat I sense comes from my own yearning to ease you. I can see through the looking glass and I respect that this may not be my place right now.
I don't know that I want it to be my place.
But still, your humanity makes me want to reach inside of you and hold with tender hands as I hear the maze of your voice. I am being careful to manage the state of your being because I respect you. I care about you.
I can't help but to want to give you any such space you need at this time. I suspect that you need this time to be in your cave. So please take it if you need it. Take it now before my own compassion dwindles into intolerance. I can't love you with your eyes wide shut.
The adoration that I feel for you has grown as I witness your empathy. The way in which you have handled yourself at such a weird time is as much of the extreme gentleman as it is sexy. Thank you for giving me the confidence of knowing you stand steadfast that I am indeed your desire.
It is all I need
to do what I do.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What phishs around comes around

Phish at Alpine Valley 6/21/09
Originally uploaded by phishfromtheroad

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.
Pick Your Artist: Phish.

Are you a boy or a girl?
sample in a jar

Describe yourself:
Golgi Apparatus

How do you feel:
your hands and feet are mangoes But your gonna be a genius anyway.

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Wading in the velvet sea

Your favorite form of transportation:
Lawn Boy

Your best friend is:

What's the weather like:
Split open and melt

Favorite time of day:

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called:

What is life to you:
bathtub jin

Your relationships:
When you're there, I sleep lengthwise
And when you're gone
I sleep diagonal in my bed

Your fear:
chalk dust torture

What is the best advice you have to give:
punch you in the eye

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Suzy Greenberg. Marco Esquandolaz.

My soul's present condition:
Bouncing Around the Room

My motto:
you enjoy myself

Monday, June 15, 2009

and then I fell out of my chair.

"This influence can introduce much pleasantness into your life through good times, agreeable relationships, sexual attraction and friendship. The problems that you will confront during this time are: overindulgence, lack of self-discipline, and unwillingness to work. This influence does not fit you for demanding work or trying situations, for you are likely to be lazy and unwilling to rouse yourself. If you don't have to accomplish anything, there is nothing wrong with this mood. In fact it is a good time to take it easy. But be careful not to overindulge in food or drink; today's good feelings may be tomorrow's headache! Your creative energies are stimulated, but you may lack the creative self-discipline that can turn a random outpouring of feelings into an artistic medium and disciplined art." GO. Know the EXACT minute you were born please.

Friday, June 12, 2009

stumbled upon me, as I did upon it

I know marketing well. I, myself market. I hold pride sometimes in my outstanding knowledge of the game. Its very hard to sell me with your broad impersonalized target techniques. It is an easy walk by and I fundamentally pay no attention to any corporations generalizations.

Not long ago a good deal approach me in the most creative of ways. In a social networking setting, I looked at the advertisements. I was monetary lured when I realized that over the years of the product's up and down market values and repeated loss of investors, the genuine value of said product had not changed in many years. Not in face value at least. 

I'm not really sure how I can go and make a statement like that because I haven't even set my eyes on the actual investment. But what I can tell you is that the direct marketing tactics that are being displayed by the franchise after they grew witness to my inquiries are mucho outstanding. So outstanding in fact, that I am allllmost willing to purchase sight unseen. 

This franchise is only working with the very best of copywriters, brainiacs and satirical humorists. Also he has looked into re-viving attention grabbing sales techniques that have been long since forgotten. The personal approach. That's what will make me pull. Thank you!

I'm inquisitive mostly. Doubtful hardly. I will watch silently by, for moments unlearned. I will take every emotional selling point in consideration. In my own time. I will notice the jealously I feel when others talk of the franchise before I get to view let alone commit to anything. Your adaptable proficiency will and should make me this way. 

Usually if the investment seems too good to be true- what is it? I'm not going to go on and focus on what "might" happen or what "could" happen because well, my gut tells me not to think that way in this case. Perhaps it was just that the failed investors weren't meant to be part of that universal deal in the first place? 

But. I mean, the nest is all I've got. How will I know exactly when to sign on the line? Without questions? Without fears of losing everything that I've built without assisted incentives of emotional and physical profits?  I've made investments before. None up to now have been successful. Most just ran their course of years. A few I pulled out of immediently. A few I lingered a little longer than my money was worth. But either way I'm sick of it. I want to make an investment in something real, that will be appreciating every living breathing day. 

I'm wondering if such has just stumbled upon me, as I did upon it.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

an afternoon exchange

With one of my best friends. On ze Facebook.

Leggs: " blah blah tunnel n light n stuff!"

me "your right sister! I'm crackin up"

L "What came first the light or the tunnel?"

m "the accident inside."

L "Lol. Anywho back to that tunnel...."

m "no use. you wont get to that point. too much romantics variables involved. that's a GOOD thing."

m "and you know your kind of "romantics" of course."

L "U make me lose my s***"

m "now you have me laughing really hard. you choose to edit your words on FACEBOOK?! ilu."

L "I have students..... And I'm mature!!"

m "we need to call it a day right here. I just hit a STOP SIGN. wheew."

L "Never dood. I don't have a stop sogn remember?"

m "good thing I got a few here and there. randomly."

L "Oh yeah! Your the best! Lmfao...."

m "your students know what that means."

L "No way dood"

Its all about the volley with a good friend. Happy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a few tracks later

Ben Harper is singing about how it wouldn't have worked out anyway. And that for now its just another lonely day. So then a few tracks later he's telling everyone he's gonna burn one down. I got it.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I finally went to the grocery store. This is a very good thing. So good in fact that I had to post it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm NOT one of those people...

that BRAKES on a highway "on" ramp.

It's like a dam runway people. GET. OFF. THE. BRAKES. (!)

Friday, April 03, 2009

delicious hair.

Kate's hair
From Episode 11 "Whatever Happens, Happens."

I like Kate.
I love Evangeline Lilly's hair in this episode.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

aghhh! what's in the BOx?

So, I go out to get my mail today and there is a package at my front door. I wondered for a second if I really ordered that bridle I was looking at online the other night. Walked over, picked it up.
Hm. It's from Amazon. Hmmmm. It's actually addressed to "16", and I am "18".
First gut instinct says: "oh, I'll just take it up to 16 and drop it off."
I shook the box.
Owh Hell.
I open the cardboard shoe size box.

Inside I see a Nikon Cool pix camera and a small book titled "If the Buddah Dated: A handbook for finding Love on a spiritual Path"

I am DYYYYYYYYING for a little point and shoot camera. I look for them on ebay all the time.
Nikon is my camera of choice.
and if you know me well, the book is quite appropriate. LOL.

I'm standing there staring at the highly desired items in this box- FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!

I am an honest person, and whenever these kinds of "tests" are presented to me I will choose good karma and be honest. It's a scorpio thing. It usually gets me in trouble, or in debt, or nothing at all except the knowledge that I am living my life to my standards of being a nice human.

But. I will stir over it. For a moment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the story of the story of the story of bad mouse karma

I couldn't believe that the sign said " ALL THE TAFFY YOU CAN FIT IN THIS BAG FOR $1.50"
The sweet smells that are piped into the crowd get me everytime.
So heck, I went in the largest candy store on Main Steet.
Stuffed that little bag so full I would have enough taffy until at least September!

Later, while standing in line for Soarin' I plopped the seventeenth piece of taffy into my mouth.
It was kinda crunchy (?)
I don't know I just thought that maybe it was the little dried crunchy ends of the taffy...
...and then it all hit me.
The tootsie roll pop incident in high school!The dive into the pool! The walking into the door!
MY tongue felt my front teeth.
I just crunched the bonding of my tooth.
I spit the whole glob of taffy out into the paper wrapper.

Teah was on the phone with her boyfriend and looked at me wondering what the hell I was doing.
I'm rapidly pointing at my mouth, she's got a puzzled look on her face and says "what???"
more rapid pointing.
"WHAAAAAAAAt???" she says again.
How could she not notice? It feels like half my tooth is gone!!! I'm not taking "WHAT" for a reaction.
"doode, MY TOOTH. LOOK AT MY TOOTH!!!!!!"
"owh. it's not that bad." and she continues talking to her boyfriend.

I was crushed. I was going to South Beach the NEXT DAY.
I'm not a very vain person, but for god's sake I'm basically average in every physical and cleavage-ical way and my smile- I need that!

I thought about it later.
I just wondered if it was the mouse's way of dishing me some bad karma back because I kinda dropped the f-bomb in the middle of the light parade (you know, the one with all the CHILDREN watching?) with enthusiasm to say the least. My friend instantly scolded me which was very bona fide because I mean, you know-
in the crowd of 10,000 children you could have heard a pin drop.

DO you know that they block off ALL of main street a good 45 mins before the parade even starts? Nope, can't even run-like-the-wind across.
And obviously, can't cuss about it either.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm running in and out of houses.

I have really crazy dreams. This happens often and I will usually wake up with my heart beating real fast and I'm sweaty.

I'm always running. Physically RUNNING somewhere. Usually I am running to get away from someone. Or I'm running to get help from someone. Or running to find the men that my grandfather told me to go see if I ever had a *problem* that hang out in the back rooms of italian they can help me hide a BODY.

Last night I was running from a vicious pit bull on a leash. He was coming after me and the man holding him back said "owhhhh, he's jus playin."

The other constant is a house. There is always a house involved. I'm running in and out of houses.

It was a house that a group of people and I stayed in-and JUST left. I should have written it down, because I remembered vividly when I awoke. I had to go back to get something. When I arrived there were a whole bunch of really really weird people there. Like gypsies, fraternity boys and the family from texas chainsaw massacre.

ok, well maybe not fraternity boys, but you get my drift.

The house was on a hill in the woods. As I made my way to the door I walked up into the foyer and this man with this crazed dog appeared. At first I ignored him because I just needed to get my stuff. Then I realized that he was taunting him to attack me. As I ran down the steps pleading for him not to let the dog loose I tripped. The dog nipped me. I looked up and saw a door so I scurried through it. It was a plain wood paneling room, very small. I realized that there was another door so I swung it open anticipating freedom of the outdoors.- So that I can RUN some more.

As I pushed the second door open it stopped abruptly. It hit something. A person I thought. I said "I'm sorry who ever is in there." and turned to go back OUT the door I came in.

there was no way to tell if there was even a door there now.
I was trapped in this room and no idea what or WHO was in the other little room next to me....

I woke up.

I'm looking in my "Freud's Interpretation of Dreams". Volkelt believed that dreams took place not only on a mental level but a physical level also. "The human body as a whole is pictured as a house by dream-imagination and the separate organs of the body by portions of a house. In dreams with a dental stimulus, an entrance hall with vaulted roof corresponds to the oral cavity..."

I am getting a FIFTH wisdom tooth right now.
yah. I'm 36.
The bonding came off my front tooth, an ordeal which is causing me much anxiety.

I guess I didn't stick around long enough because it also says that the actual organ will openly reveal itself at the end of the dream - I would be pulling my tooth out in my dream.
But the other writers thought that this was a bunch of bull.
HOLY crap...
female area and genitals are regarded as "the bottom" = where I was trying to go.
Steps, ladders, staircases are represented as sexual act= walked up steps and tripped back down.
"smooth" walls of which the dreamer climbs, the facades of houses correspond to erect human bodies= the walls of the tiny room were SMOOTH. PLAIN. PANELING.

(AHHHHHHHAA! it's getting really weird! this is all on the same page in the book!)

"wood" seems from its linguistic connections to stand in general for female "material"=SMOOTH. PLAIN. PANELING. WOOD.

I gotta think about this.

Friday, March 06, 2009

My horse telling me to bug off with his Jolly Ball

My pone-pone is georgeous.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abrcrombie horse Blanket

Leggs handed me this blanket and said "here, see if this fits dusty."
"OMG! it looks like an old school blanket! so cool. It looks like Abercrombie and Fitch's version of a horse blanket!"
I picked it up and flipped it over...see the letters on it??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deductive reasoning with horses.

Get horse out of stall and put him in the crossties.
Grab curry and start circling on shoulder.
dancie-dancie "NO".
Put less than favored curry back in box.
Take out Soft brush.
(no curry=no hard brush)
start brushing shoulder.
dancie-dancie "NO".
dancie-dancie "NO".
dancie-dancie "NO".
Horse in good mood.

see ankle swollen like big fupa.
place hand on ankle.
horse stands still.
Lowers head.
Licking chewing.

that's pretty much the system of talking to a horse.
Isn't it wonderful?!

"Thoroughbreds. I know. Right?"

Dusty & Fidelio

Here is Dusty (16.0h) standing next to Belda's Holstein-prehistoric-beast, Fidelio. Dusty is in the pasture with Fidelio's friend, Kaileif and he really wants to join them. I'm not sure Dusty is in shape enough to run from that thing but it's looking like later rather than sooner. Even though I'm sure they will get along together, over the gate they were playing lets bite necks and faces as I watched Dusty kick the gate. When I went out to get him I noticed some blood on his front fetlock. Felt it. Tasted his blood. HAAAAAAA just kidding. NO biggie, a little scratch. I dressed it. Hosed it. Gave it a kiss.
Well, TODAY his left front fetlock was so swollen that I could barely see a fetlock at all. (this is when I take a deep long breath alllll the way from my diaphram) and say..."Thoroughbreds. I know. Right?"

I have a cannon of an arm that can fire a dandy brush at his head faster than madge to kaballah school.

Dusty has been ultra sounded and cleared for walk, trot.
I kinda knew he was ready. He was pretty much telling me, with his out-of-nowhere outbursts of temper. His really lovely shark bite when I'm least expecting it is nice, his rearing out-of-nowhere while being led is pretty great too. No worry, I have a cannon of an arm that can fire a dandy brush at his head faster than you can get madge to kaballah school. But really. He was feeling like cantering around the pasture. He didn't want to canter at all when he was hurt and in a decent size pasture. He's feeling good, doing flying changes so smooth it made me pee my pants a little.

Don't worry, I didn't let this happen for long. I was running out to the pasture to be the party pooper. He's in a smaller pasture when I'm not there.

I've ridden him a just few times since the vet saw him over three weeks ago. As I placed the saddle pad on his back for the first time after five and a half months he stepped aside and turned his head. He wanted to see it. That's it.

He wants to see everything. If I try to pick his feet before showing him that I have the hoof pick in my hand he will not pickup his feet. He'll just keep tickling the back of my neck with his nose if I try. I know this sounds like a bad habit to some, but he's still a young horse. I let him and encourage him to show his youthful personality (as long as he's not being snarky). Maybe he's a very visual horse as I am a very visual person. He's smart like me because knows the power of the tickle...
It was ultra fab to be on his back again as we walk around. He is absolutely (even after all his time off) the best moving horse I have ever worked with. Granted, I have never got to have a full lesson on a school master, and a lot of my feeling is because he is the youngest horse I've ever worked with but really, you would like riding him. I sure do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

very not necessary

There was a bomb threat placed to the Pentagon today. It came from a coin phone in Destin. Destin is about 40 minutes east of here...Did you know that in 1978 they recaptured Ted Bundy here in Pensacola?

oh, and also? As I was driving in my neighborhood yesterday I glanced over to see a house that I always walk my dog by..."ow, well would you look at that?" A house in the neighborhood has thought it useful in hanging two flags out on the historical day. I was just not too sure the one with the big red one with the X through it was necessary. Yah, I'm pretty sure it was VERY not necessary.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Susan Tedeschi Conan

National television coverage is not what finally makes this one successful. That happened the first time he picked up the bass. For this one it is definitely all of his hard work combined with a natural talent to vomit. That means really rock out.

His first time on National television with a band that he deserves to be in, with his best friend on the drums. Conan Obrien show with Susan T. Pretty exciting!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Five Elements

This wonderful holistic horsecare site is where you can learn about the five elements and which one your horse is. I was very excited to see that Dusty fits the description of the FIRE HORSE perfectly. Which one is your horse?

Monday, January 05, 2009

I just saw a commercial for the ASPCA. They have the wonderful Sarah McLachlan as a sponsor and one of her saddest-day-of-your-life songs playing in the background as they show photos of the saddest most helpless looking puppies and kitties. I couldn't make myself stop looking as tears came streaming down my face.

Good thing I don't have a farm. I would adopt animals from the pound with reckless abandon. The best I can do at this point is donate and take the pledge to be aware of animal cruelty. Why don't you?

Please give your puppy or kitty or pony a big kiss. Get on the floor and roll around with your dog. If they could speak with words they would thank you for all the love and care you give to them. I speak of the love I have for my horse often, but I love my rescued/stray dog just as "Mutch".

And to all the people I know with a menagerie of critters "Thank you, you're awesome."
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