Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Highlights of my latest trip to Epcot

1. 11 hours of meetings (let's just get that out of the way.)

Epcot 9/09
2. Seeing this and thinking about it rolling away AGAIN. Want to make my experience magical? let that thing roll around the park a'la "The Prisoner!"

Epcot 9/09
3. Cathy being coy about the fancy spaceship Robert rented for us.

Epcot 9/09
4. The Tequila Bar in Mexico. Could only get better with some of that other stuff you can readily get in Mexico.

Epcot 9/09
5. Soarin'. Five times in a row. My feet off the ground. Soarin'. And the Tequila Bar. And Cathy ordering a pitcher of Sangria at dinner.

I'm so lucky to work with the people that I do. It's always a great time as well as productive. I love the career experiences and getting to hang out with my coworkers. The time I spend laughing with them is invaluable to me.

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