Thursday, September 30, 2004

the $317 cat fight

I have two kitties. Their names are Toots (black and white),and Meow Meow (siamese).
I was sitting on the couch last friday and toots was rubbing his head all over my face. Oh, how sweet.

Sweet wasn't the smell I smelled all the sudden as this was happening, it was more like shit. yeah, shit turds. Something was stinking really bad, I inspected his body expecting to find a smear of crap somewhere on his body only to find a HOLE in his head with some clear, STINKY snot like stuff coming out of it. The hole was about the size of the tip of a pencil eraser and it was WIDE open. I mean, if I pulled his ear up I could see inside his head.
uuugggh...Y'all??...I got a W E A K stomach.....alright?
next thing I know I have toots locked in the bathroom, cleaning this HOLE with betadine & dr. browners soap and smearing triple antibiotic cream all over it. gagging. I wrap it up (there was surgical tape all around his head, kinda funny.) then I grabbed the ever handy funnel-to-keep-from-touching-it hood and strapped it on him. still gagging.

-he goes outside. he's the hunter that makes "the croc hunter" look like a sissy.- so I had no idea what he could've gotten into. I had already scheduled a vet appointment for him because he needed to get his shots, so I was glad that the vet could take a look at it within a few days.

It started to get better and scabbed up real good.

so lets fast forward to the wednesday, when I took toots for his checkup. NO problems there, and everything went well ~except ONE THING that involves two women leading a black dog into room no.1 and leaving crying. bawling. and me then putting it together, no matter how hard I tried not to, and glancing in the back room while paying and seeing a FULL trash bag on the floor. and the little bit of yelping that everyone waiting could hear. THATSALLI'MGONNASAYABOUTTHAT.

I got home (crying because of what I just mentioned) and let him out of the carrier with all of his shots, wormings and HOLE inspection. alright, I feel so much better, but I'm still wondering what happ~
here comes Meow. THIS ONE is carring on with the whiney meow that I KNOW says "hey, check me out, something's wrong." so I begin the familiar inspection process. again.

What I find is startling to say the least. My sweet adorable three legged pussy cat has an abcess almost the size of a golf ball on the right side of his head.
it looks like the hair is missing, there is no blood, but there is what looks like a hickey over four little marks. so (this is funny) I take HIM into the bathroom and clean it off and reinact the ritual. only this time it wasn't helping, this sucker was INSIDE the skin. so I put some ice on it. he didnt like that AT ALL. oh, and by the way. his hair is coming out profusely. He is shedding immensely from the stress and I could probably make myself a blanket with the cat hair that my hand was full of as I was holding him.
Immediently called the vet. First thing in the morning drove him there.

He had an abcess alright. The doctor came in and informed me that he was going to have to keep Meow for the day and fix him up. That entailed draining the bump, and.. awh hell, lets throw in cleaning out his anal sacks too. (he was acting funny during my inspecton when I touched the dock of his tail also). isnt that GROSE????? cleaning out anal sacks. grose. gaAagging.

so later in the evening I went to pick up my darling siamese kitty. here he is:

yeah. nice.
yeah, REALLY. SORRY. if anyone has trouble looking at it. you need to see in in living color!
when he took him out of the carrier I was horrified. I had to turn away. Not as much away as I had to turn when I saw him after his leg amputation, but STILL, away.
"oh geeze dr. singh, I get really queesy."
"well, you should be over that by now.. (dr. singh is hindu and he's SO adorable with that accent.) that was good one, SO MUCH PUSS, (holding his hands out cupping BOTH of them) this much PUSS I take out!"
he continues..
"There was dead skin, I cut away about two inches of dead skin and I insert drain tube, you probably have to clean with peroxide little bit."
"awh man, doctor." gagging.

...I had read about this procedure online the night before, so I was ready for it. I WASN'T ready for "PUSS". Just like you never say "fart" around Lori, you never say "PUSS" around ME.

then he says: "bring the baby monday and I take out tube. alright. monday...christine?"
"uuuuh, sure. monday. take out drain tube."
I asked him if the two of them could've done this to each other. He said probably. They havent really been outside very much, and they defidently havent been outside at night lately. ~Toots has a personal vendetta against the little black kitty next door, he comes out at night.
Sometimes they fight when I'm home, and I think of how it might've ended if I haden't broken it up. well, THIS is what might've happened. Three hundred and seventeen dollars. and the only reason I am focusing on that is that it sounds like a good title for my entry and that I do NOT HAVE spare three hhhhhundred and seventeen dollars. not in the bank, not in a shoebox, not under my bed. That's alright though, I love my pussy cats and I have great appreciation for Dr. Singh letting me post date four checks untill november 22. Thank you to Dr. Singh and his assistant Dhillon for taking care of my kitties. I owe you a billion post dated checks.

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