Thursday, September 09, 2004

I noticed that there are comments left by my friends caling me a dyke. I'm not a dyke. my friends and I just call each other that. it's like, if you saw your boy/girl and said "hey, bitch/cracka/my man, what's up?" ~ it's a term of endearment. it's saying: "hey, your cool, you're one of the coolest girls in the world." but shorter. no disrespect meant to the real dykes out there. lipstick or bulldog. I love ya all.

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  1. spoken like a true dyke .....represent beeyotch.... but i believe hard core dykes are bull dykes, meaning the male type or dominant one.. not bulldog dykes, that may be offensive...funny though cuz i do know a few bulldog dykes... i myself would be, if i was , a lipstick lesbo, not even so much as lipstick... how about chapstick and mascara kinda lesbo...yeah... being gay....twice as much wardrobe...hmmmmmmm, something to think about, for now im just a 'dyke' in the sista sense... and i gotta fix my husband sumthing 2 eat...... lesbo, hmmmm some bitch fixing ME SOMETHING... definitely something to think about.....


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