Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spring Break 1991


In High School, my friends and I passed "the notebooks" around. Spiral bound, large size, school notebooks. We collectively decided that we were spending way more money on college ruled notebook paper for the purpose of writing notes than to do homework on. We would write notes in them and pass them along to each other between classes. There were usually a total of about 5 of them being traded at a time between four or five girls. There were definately four of us, but then we had guests, like one girl that wrote really funny poems about whatever was going on that day, I particularrly liked the ones about her car whom she named "Burfene". Burfene was bright yellow and old. It was one of those old cars that still kept running even after you switched the key off? "GRrrRMmMmMP.GREUUuuUuUmmP.GHAAaaaHAah.MvMFMFfff...". That old bitty of a car would get so damn mad when you got to where you were going that she just try to restart herself and drive back home. I swear that each seiszure ended up lasting for about 10 minutes at a time. Try and picture yourself as a High school girl having to drive that to school. school, a place where you park in the STUDENT parking lots.

Ok. Back to the notebooks. Some of them were intended for academic use, however one of us might have doodled something really good on our Algebra notebook, so it got thrown into rotation too with the first note being: "DUDES!LOOK at my cool doodle on the cover!". Once I remember that one of "the notebooks" had disappeared and we thought for sure that our secrets were going to be all over the school by homeroom. We were frantically passing notes about how frantic we were about our notes missing. I mean, everyone would find out how often we fought about who was taking who home from school. As it's put on one of loose notes used in "the notebooks" absence, a remaining note that I still have "...Christine, everything was in there EVERYTHING!! -Me & ***** (tongue!), me goin threw ****'s locker!- you goin threw **'s locker-!! your PARTY! EVERYTHING!!...". So. yah. We were all pretty alarmed.

How Ironic.
I have been looking for these notebooks. I thought they were in one of my chests but I can't find them. Everytime I think in my head where they are, I'm seeing exactly where they are, except it's happening at my house in Ohio.

I did find some old photos that are perfectly acceptable for the internet.

We went on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach. The year was 1991. My Senior year of High School. It was my maiden voyage, on an airplane and on VACATION without parents. I was 18.

Jen, Jaymi and Deana
At the airport waiting to go to Myrtle Beach! Jen, Jaymi, and Deana

I dunno where I gained the knowledge of how Spring Break is "supposed to be" due to the fact that my mom had the cable company come and put some sort of right wing christian HI, Higher and DOUBLE HIGH security block on my Mtv, but I KNEW, because the second night we were there Jaymi and I split the others and went to a KEG PARTY.
Me Jam
Jaymi and I after arriving in Myrtle Beach

The rest of girls came for a while, but then decided that going back to the hotel to sleep was way better an option than getting to college one step ahead by already knowing how to play "Three-Man". I kinda had another college up: I found out here, that I CAN NOT do a beer bong. That I SHOULD not ever try that again.

We had to walk home. FAR. Jaymi and I had to walk almost sixteen miles back to our hotel after the party. We might've been two Eighteen year olds so innocently on the verge of being involved in any sort of bad situation before we knew it, but the two of us like adventure, and we were after all walking instead of taking a ride from an intoxicated person that we barely even knew. You know how I remember this? I found some photos of it:

my first KEGGER!
My first playing of "Three-Man".

I guess these were all the rides back to the hotel that we turned down...

My first kegger too!

Pictures of me with random guys just materializing before my eyes. Makes me wonder if we had some sort of "whoever comes home with the most pictures-with-guys wins." bet going on. Weird. Did we just walk up to boys and ask to take their picture? What's weirder than that is why is THIS dude in mostly every photo I have of the party? THAT BEER IS BUD DRY! Do they even make it anymore?
God. I loved that Green and Black windbreaker.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Libby is telling dusty to stay away from her baby- 2 hours old!

Ashley's mare finally had her baby! A lil colt without a name yet. She had it in the pasture and I will spare you the photos of her situation at the time. I will also spare you the photos of the vet with his arm up in her pulling out the after birth because it was still attached. See how nice I am?

Thank you John and Ann for getting me the book on how to photograph horses, it makes a huge difference. Now all I need is a new camera...
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