Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's DONE! well..not DONE.

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Here it is! The house is finally painted, it's far from done....I am going to put the railings back up, after being sandblasted they will be painted a flat black, numbers, mailbox and light also. I am also going to get flowerboxes under each window.
I LOVE IT! I love the color and I love how crispy it looks in a neighborhood of tan, grey, sandstone, tan, off white, and more tan houses. My neighbors are slowing their cars down driving past my house, and the sweet elderly neighbors next door told me it's shocking after 30 years to look out the window and see a big BLUE house. I wish the picture did it justice, tony did a great job. for all ya'll that live here and haven't stopped by to see it, c'mon over!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

alright, now the railings are off and going to be sandblasted and painted a flat black, the lights and mailbox and numbers will be flat black, and the trim is white. Hard to wait and see the whole house with the white trim.
What do you all think of the roof and the color?
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bring on the blue

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click on the thumbnail and you'll see progress of the house painting....

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

This is what I ripped the "ceiling" off of the roof for, I wanted it al open, and cottage-ie. If you look close you can see that the attic floor is the top of the point. The attic is wide open now. whoops.

boy palace?

when I first got this house, I dreampt of it being PINK , pink all over, pink curtains, pink tile and even pink glasses in the cupboards....THE GIRL PALACE! (I mean hell, it's already pink on the outside!) I dreampt of having tea parties, a la alice in wonderland, and tupperware parties with crumpets and scones from starbucks! and we'd all take turns tightening each other's corsets.....
well, most of that has changed. now that I have worked my way through whatever it was that I was feeling I have decided to paint my beloved "GIRL PALACE", blue. Yes, BLue...the BOY color.
boy palace? no. ( I can assure THAT, it is not)
It will be a great navy blue with black hardware (mailbox, railings, numbers,etc.) and white trim. I shall plant dozens of sunflowers all along the garage in the summer, and a plethura of bright orange poppies out front. a TON of em.
I will post pics as the progress continues. or as Tony gets cuter. whichever comes first.

I'll learn

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I thought I'd put something up that I do at work. this a really great way to start learning code. I told dreamweaver I'd like to be friends, but dreamweaver has other plans. so now I am chasing dreamweaver down the street in a drunken stupor, screaming and yelling "DOOooon't LEEEave MEEEee, I promise, I'll LEARN how to take care of you! I pRRromise!!"

Thursday, August 12, 2004

that's mark, taylor, camille and me at seville


and this is the girl with the best boobies in pensacola...

here's to you, DUBYAH.

saHweet tarts

"They're like rocks that you can chew. but they taste good."

I'm referring to this giant bag of easter themed sweet tarts (chicks, bunnies, ducks) that I have in my desk drawer. I can't give them away, and I can't stop crunching on them.

things happening

alright, I am going to do this blog thing. please do not execute me for my mispellings, or the dyslexia my fingers have taken a liking to. This is good. I have so many things to comment on and this is going to be my spot to rant and rave. so all ya'll look back soon...theres gonna be thigns happening.
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