Sunday, February 13, 2005

I have been working in at a horse stable since a week ago. I found an ad in the paper for help and I called to see where it was. I took a ride out, and here I am.

I am now an Equine Resident Sanitation Specialist (Specialist, instead of Technician)
OBJECTIVE: Achieve Body Enhancement Through Exertion At An Equine Residence.
I am such a sucker for anyhing HORSES. I'm such a sucker that I will excavate their road apples into a pile and then dispose of them, dig, and dig, and dig until the "wet spot" is eradicated, rake all their hay into a pile in the corner of the stall, and fill, fill, and refill their water buckets. and I do it with love.
I actually took the job because of the fact that I really need some discipline right now. I need to get my body to do something physical (because I'm not sure if manning the remote control is considered a physical activity.)

Sure, I wish I could be training instead, but people in hell wish or ice water and it's SO NICE to walk in the stables in the morning, flick the lights on and hear the horses greet me good morning with whinneys and neiggghs. ~I can pretend that these are all my horsies and they get so excited at the sound of my voice, they can't help but to exclaim it!!~ but really, they're just HUNGRY and they know that that thing with less legs than they, is the controller and disperser of FOOD.

I am not pretending though, when I think to myself how much better it is to get up early and drive to the stables, instead of getting up early and driving to a block building where I sit in a cave all day and look at a computer monitor, and have to take words from "that guy,whom I have no respect for".

After feeding, I grab the tools of my trade,nuts-and -bolts of the industry folks, which I am certified by the ERSSOA (Equine Resident Sanitation Specialists Of America) to operate.

One of my greatest achievements was earning my CDL through the foundation to operate the JOHN DEERE GATOR! I was educated on the JDG that actually had the amenity of the HYDRAULIC LIFT for the bed, but this corporatioin decided on opting-out of the option of the 4WD, and HYDRAULIC LIFT for the bed...
This is some feedback at a recent meeting:
me:"...yeah, the bed of the JDG gets really heavy, so insted of lifting it, I just rake it off, if it's ok that I leave a rake out there..."
BUD(BUD, because this guy keeps calling me B.U.D. I'm a fucking lady, DUUUDE.): "OH yeah, they actually make on with a HYDRAULIC LIFT button! but, my wife said no. Hell, I figured if my wife could lift it, anyone can."
(was that a cut???)
(was that backpeddeling??)
Anyway, here is a picture of the handsome JDG...sweet.

There's I think 15 stalls? well, anyway here is a picture of the stzizzles.

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  1. Mehul (Leanne's boy toy)February 25, 2005 at 8:06 PM

    Get a real machine Christine...


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