Tuesday, March 28, 2006

commonly cold

You know, being sick really sucks. Not only because I wake up with my throat feeling like it's swelling shut, not because I notice my body aches more and more with a common cold as the years pass. Not because even though I have no desire to smoke a cigarette, I HAVE to or I start to loose my marbles after about 5 hours of nicotine withdrawl. nope. These are all reasons why I think being sick is horrible, but they are minor compared to the real reason I think being sick is horrible.

When it comes down to it, isn't it true that all everyone wants is someone to spend the days with, someone to love? Another human being that cares enough to just listen when your sassy, sick or feeling insecure without taking it personally? Someone who realizes that a happy girl gets unhappy sometimes?

If you only have time for a woman when she's happy, in a good mood, and run as fast as you can when she gives you a bit of grief then you're missing out. You're missing out on the best part. The part where she will never forget when you held her close and told her it's gonna be alright, the part where she wants more than anything to give that feeling back to you. The part where she sticks up for you when her girlfriends are crackin' on your bedroom habits. The part that makes you friends as well as lovers.

I used to not hate being sick. I used to. I didn't know how much worse it could be back then though. F'NA. I know now.

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  1. people who are happy all the time scare me, it's ok to be unhappy and down and it's healthy unlike being completely happy like June Cleaver ya know?
    being sick sucks at least it's not the middle of summer huh, nothing worst than dieing of a cold in the heat of the sun.
    So maybe the phone tag will stop and we can actually synch this week.


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