Thursday, February 01, 2007

Got the boots!

I was lying in my bed this morning and I heard that familiar rumble of the sound you hear everyday when your neighbor has an eBay addiction...yep, it was the sweet sound of the UPS truck otherwise known as "Everyday Santah"

What? "OH! My boots should be coming", I thought -and just then Mutch started barking. "WOOHOO! It IS! IT IS MY BOOTS!" I exclaimed to him and then proceeded to congratulate him on noticing someone was at my doorstep, he did much better than a few weeks ago when my crazy ass neighbor was knocking on my door, drunk at 2:30am...
"WHOISIT!MUTCH!WHOISIT!" I said in a whispering yet aggressive voice.
"..." is what I got; with a pshhht, I'm kinda sleeping here look.
~he does it for a bone everytime~

Columbia boots! FREE
I got them inside and took the box out, and there was a letter too! The customer service is killing me!

Columbia boots! FREE
Omigosh! they're AWESOME! I took them out and inspected them.

Columbia boots! FREE
They're like the super airstream version of my old ones.

Columbia boots! FREE
I put them on and grabbed the letter. It was addressed to me with someone's actual handwriting! -again! the customer service!

Columbia boots! FREE
Wow. I'm totally speechless. Do you see that?! The flippin letter is handwritten too!!

I immediately emailed Mr. Joel Enderle who is the Senior Director of Footwear Manufacturing and thanked him profusely.

I told my mom about the situation, she told me about a pair of Timberlands that my cousin bought just last week. They say "Waterproof" right on them, but after a day of work his feet were soaked. I didn't even have to suggest, she said she was taking them back and buying some Columbia Boots. Right on, Suzanne.

I'm all about Marketing. Companies that spend billions with the Advertising Industry to promote their product strive to gain market penetration do it a a few basic ways. Every approach is highly planned, dissected, micro dissected and macro dissected. The latter is where I come in. To me this is like a Marketing test, a test to see if this company can indeed deliver, if they stand behind their word, every billion dollar of it. I'm her eto tell you, Columbia Sportswear certainly does. I will continue to purchase and wear Columbia gear.

on a side note: I only own one thing with the "allegedly" sweatshop produced "N" word on it, and that was a present. Hell, I remember that hilarious email about the custom monogrammed super air what-evers- I'll have to see if I can find it an link it.

Addidas and Columbia that's how I roll. Columbia because they give free boots for bunk boots and Addidas because, well. Do I really have to say why?

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  1. if you lived in the 90210 zip code, your title would have been, Got the Boobs!

    I don't know if UPS would deliver them though.......


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