Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is Abbie having puppies?

No, she's just big boned.
I took these photos of my mom's dog on Sunday, she just had her puppies today (Tues.) and there were another 9!! (she actually had 10, but...) She's doing well. Tired, but well.

no, she's just big boned

Abbie havin puppies?

No, it wasn't so long ago that she had her first litter of 9 puppies. Like the case with many of us , this was not an intentional insemination. My parents are not sweat shop puppy breeders. My mom laughed at me when I told her "geeze. she's huge. You might as well just apply for a business license."

Pico the wonder circus dog has GAME. He tagged that in a matter of thirty seconds. Here's a photo of the happy couple. I would have made a big announcement graphic but I should be packing.

here's a photo of Abbie when she was just a puppy!

Abbie: The 5 second portrait.

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