Saturday, December 09, 2006

ooh! some celebrity sightings!

The Dutchess works at "The Fish Market" which is located in the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh. She's always telling me about celebrities and athletes she waits on, including Charlie Batch (the same Sunday night of the Steelers vs. Raiders grose-ness).
I got this email and I HAVE to post it because, well, just because.

"Anyway, did I tell you that they have been filming another movie in Pittsburgh called Smart People for the last two months and still filming? You can IMDB it. Dennis Quaid has been in the restaurant almost every night. He's there every night I work, but he always sits at the bar. SJP just got in last week for her part, but I've missed her both times she came in to eat. I REALLY want to see her!!!!! And that girl that was in Hard Candy? Ellen Page? Yeah, I waited on her and didn't even know who she was. She was with an older woman, her mother maybe? Anyway, when I took her order I went and said to one of my co-workers, "That girl at table 27 is really strange. I can't figure her out. She looks like she's 12 and talks like she's 20." She is SOOO tiny!!! Built like a 12 year old girl. But indeed, she is 20. Her IMDB profile says that sushi is her favorite food. Guess what she ordered?!"

If you haven't seen the movie "Hard Candy" you're missing a hell of an hour and a half.
I found some really cheap airline tickets and went down south to visit my friends. I was in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia for five days.

Thorndike came to pick me up at the airport in Atlanta and I couldn't wait to tell her about the security woman that rummaged through my make-up case for about two full minutes, which is MANY MANY minutes when you're going to miss the plane because your ride decided to show you the super-secret-back-way to the airport. I couldn't check my bag with all the gels and liquids that I was going to use to blow up things. Things such as my great new name brand hair stuff, two tubes of mascara, some Badger Balm, Burt's Bees face cream and a hairtie. "There are about eight items that I could've used to destroy the world right there in my makeup case." I thought, standing there totally vunerable in my argygle knee-socks.

Thorndike had a lot of exciting things to do planned when we got back to Athens but first we were going to meet Tote and The Falcon at their place and go grab some eats. Tote took us to a Vegetarian Indian buffet. I had no idea what I was eating, but I was hungry and it was good. The desssert was like a soupy creamy mixture that had honey and cream with rasins and nuts in it, and it was HEAVENLY.

Back at the house, I got a conga lesson from The Falcon. THAT was exciting. Just a few basic tecnique pointers and I was wailin away. Breakin out the beats like Shiela E. meets Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The Falcon said I was a natural. I'm sure he's right, I mean he would know. He used to play the drums for Dokken.

A few hours later, Thorndike and I headed to Athens. I was excited to see this:

Home of the DAWGS, and Thorndike!

I couldn't wait to see her little place, she really loves it and since I haven't been down there since she's lived in Athens, I was really excited.

We arrived and couldn't believe how awesome it was! It's like a little beach house. There's a deck on the front and the sun shines through the sliding glass doors. We sat out and had coffee and Bailey's each morning.



When I brought my bags in I discovered that inside my make-up case (that was so heavily a threat) there were: two pairs of cuticle scissors and tweezers. Thorndike told me that her friend had two-hundred dollars worth of make-up taken by the airport security not long ago. So here I am, having flown successfully with multiple weapons and Leigh can't get through with her designer make-up. I could stab everyone around me, but she can't plump everyone's lips. So just to let you all know, that's how safe we really are. I have sympathy for how serious it is, but I think it's almost comical. I'll totally laugh and laugh and laugh when that one good citizen stands up and saves the plane- by stabbing to death the hijacker using the cuticle scissors the airport screener over-looked.

TD took me to meet her friends and have dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in Athens, The Grit. A Vegetarian splendor. After that we walked directly passed the Christmas Parade crowd and to the other kind of spirits. Which is espically nice because down there they don't mess with the Pepsi. I ask for a Jack n Coke and I GET a Jack and Coke. NOT A JACK AND the "P" WORD. Here, I'll proove it.


Rob "G Money" Whitlock came to visit too! While working on his Masters he has gone into Shepherding. German Sheperding. He lives on some land in Alabama and after owning and raising many German Shepherds, he decided to buy out a breeding facility. They're mostly all Black and BIG!

I haven't seen these dogs, but the excitement in TD'S eyes when she talked about being in the PUPPY KENNEL was enough. These puppies take the canine equivelant of the SAT's and ACT's before they're a year old!

On Friday TD had to work in the morning so....
more to come...this has been sitting on my computer for four days and I haven't been able to finish it so read this.
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