Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Excuse me, this Hundred dollar bill is too wrinkled...

iPod etc. VENDING machine.

Anyone seen this? In the Atlanta airport you can get iPods, Bose Earphones, Cannon cameras, Binoculars, and various spy equipment devices straight from a VENDING MACHINE!

Boys & Girls Club art projects

I have been working at the Boys and Girls Club here in town as an arts and crafts instructor. I LOVE it. I will not be able to work anymore though because I should be packing.
Here's a Valentine project I designed and made with the kids last week.

boys & girls club project

I tied a string across the ceiling of the room and used the clothes pins that I found in the drawer to pin them up.

boys and girls club art project

I also did some paper sculpting flowers with them that hang on the other side of the room, but my cellphone's picture memory was full.
So much FUN.

Let's look at personal space while traveling.

I am currently sitting in the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. I'm waiting for my plane to Pensacola.

I'm sitting on the floor, any closer to the window and I would be activly loading snacks and beverages onto the airplane with LSG Sky Chefs. My legs are falling asleep. Not because I have the elusive restless leg syndrome, but because the older grey haired woman won't move over one seat so that I can utilize the power cord that is plugged into the wall and ultimately my mother's laptop which I brought with me to help in tandem with my cellphone to find a place to live. After all, I have to be in Pensacola in two weeks.

If I am anything, I am resourceful. I used the open-end buddy pass from my last flight and then got another one way for thirty bucks. I have a car waiting for me in Florida, an UPGRADED auto, because I tore the hertz coupon out of the Air Tran magazine. I wondered if anyone ever used those...

When I am traveling, I try to pay attention to my personal space and if/when it is violating someone else’s. It's really annoying sometimes that when people are traveling how much they don't think how up in everyone's space they are. For example, the woman that won't move over for me? well, I just glanced over and her shit is actually taking up three seats- yep, THREE seats. She's watching one of those little personal hand held televisions. How West Virginia... I mean in the “How many cars and worshing machines are in YOUR yard?” way, not the whole Uncle-Daddy Aunt Mommy way.

My trip so far: I boarded the airplane in Akron, finding my aisle seat with no problem. I got settled and placed my bag completely under the seat in front of me where a balding man looking like he was a business traveler sleepily placed his head in between the two seats. Just then a woman of over a few extra hundred pounds wobbled towards my aisle.

I have to tell you, if you want a really irritated slub, place me on a plane with a screaming baby or small child, but if you want to see the trace of discrimination that I possess in my soul, then seat a three-hundred plus pound woman next to me on an airplane. I'm not talking about a person so big that the shirt HAS to be made of queen size sheets. I'm not exaggerating. Do you know that they offer seatbelt expanders for overweight persons? Yup, they do. This woman had to extend hers ALL THE WAY and it was still tight. And beside that, its given out on this secret language tip: there are no words exchanged, the flight attendant just quietly hands the expander to the traveler and that's it.

If the question is: “should overweight persons have to purchase an extra seat on an airplane?” the answer is YES.

Really, people it’s all in fairness. For them and for US. It's a total compromise. This woman was all up in my space even from across the aisle. That’s just not enough room for all that cotton and polyester. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. I’m not knocking on overweight people, or chubby people, big boned, thick or whatever you want to call them people. I spent my elementary school and beginning high-school years as THE chubby girl in the class. I got all the ridicule a person can handle in a lifetime because I liked boys, and when the rest of the boys caught word of my crush, they would make fun of that person. And to further defend myself, I LOVE curvy models movement. LOVE IT. DOVE SOAP'S new campaign, all for it!

I am talking about if the ass is the width of TWO or more airplane seats wide... then go-ahead and purchase the room for your left ass cheek. Don't they want to be comfortable? I guess they didn't think about seatbelt expanders on an airplane when sitting your fat ass in front of the television eating twelve Twinkies. I wonder if anyone in an airline industry corporate meeting ever said "Maybe we can offer a "one-butt-cheek"extra charge?"

I won't ever stare at people with disabilities. I won't poke fun or laugh at any kind of disabled person. I have the utmost respect for anyone that faces those kind of challenges. I just can't understand how a person treats their body like that. And I'm not buying that every massively obese person has a glandular problem. Sorry. Like Mikal the Russian exchange kid says "America. Too MANY choices. TOO MUCH."

Is Abbie having puppies?

No, she's just big boned.
I took these photos of my mom's dog on Sunday, she just had her puppies today (Tues.) and there were another 9!! (she actually had 10, but...) She's doing well. Tired, but well.

no, she's just big boned

Abbie havin puppies?

No, it wasn't so long ago that she had her first litter of 9 puppies. Like the case with many of us , this was not an intentional insemination. My parents are not sweat shop puppy breeders. My mom laughed at me when I told her "geeze. she's huge. You might as well just apply for a business license."

Pico the wonder circus dog has GAME. He tagged that in a matter of thirty seconds. Here's a photo of the happy couple. I would have made a big announcement graphic but I should be packing.

here's a photo of Abbie when she was just a puppy!

Abbie: The 5 second portrait.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm SO gonna buy TWELVE horses

On Friday Feb. 2, I got two really great phone calls.
The first great call I got was from a wonderful man in Pensacola that saw my work online through a friend (THANK YOU!) & had me flown to Florida that Monday for an interview.

Yes, people I was standing on the edge of the Pensacola Beach pier on Tuesday afternoon in a sweatshirt sans HAT. While everyone here was freezing their asses off.

The other call was from the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club here in Youngstown. The arts and crafts teacher had to leave unexpectedly and that position is open also! This is a position that I really wanted for while, but my volunteer hours were running short.

I am MOVING BACK TO PENSACOLA (!) by March 1 to begin my new job at Blue Dolphin Designs. (-I should say they're moving me back.) I will be designing t-shirts for various industries and the work is VERY creative. The owner of the company is fabulous and is a very keen business man. I will have windows (on the wall, NOT on my computer), I will have my flip flops, and most of all I will have a life. BECAUSE. I'm getting paid some real money. wooohooohowhhho!!! FINALLY.

Me & Pensacola Beach

I will also be doing the gig at the BGC until I leave.

I can't even think about leaving the barn or Twister, my friends and things that I care about here. I will instantly tear up if I even give it a thought. That part of it is going to be HELL but I'll re-think that when I'm laying on that beach...haha. I am more than excited. I am motivated and creative right now, and this is exactly what I NEED.

Friday, February 02, 2007

thorndike moves to mobil, ala!
I took this at the Aquarium in Atlanta with my cell phone. I really like it.


There are a lot of really great songs out there. So many different genres of music, so many really great songs. I think its safe to say that in any type of music there are a few songs that a girl just can't get through without loosing those few minutes to hardcore emotional purging. Girlstuff.

Girls, what songs do you like to cry by? I think it would be interesting to see where you're coming from...

I'm listening to Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" (but not crying.)

I have to leave the room when the Codetalkers play Broken Home. I like to go the the restroom and stick my head up inside the hand dryer.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Got the boots!

I was lying in my bed this morning and I heard that familiar rumble of the sound you hear everyday when your neighbor has an eBay addiction...yep, it was the sweet sound of the UPS truck otherwise known as "Everyday Santah"

What? "OH! My boots should be coming", I thought -and just then Mutch started barking. "WOOHOO! It IS! IT IS MY BOOTS!" I exclaimed to him and then proceeded to congratulate him on noticing someone was at my doorstep, he did much better than a few weeks ago when my crazy ass neighbor was knocking on my door, drunk at 2:30am...
"WHOISIT!MUTCH!WHOISIT!" I said in a whispering yet aggressive voice.
"..." is what I got; with a pshhht, I'm kinda sleeping here look.
~he does it for a bone everytime~

Columbia boots! FREE
I got them inside and took the box out, and there was a letter too! The customer service is killing me!

Columbia boots! FREE
Omigosh! they're AWESOME! I took them out and inspected them.

Columbia boots! FREE
They're like the super airstream version of my old ones.

Columbia boots! FREE
I put them on and grabbed the letter. It was addressed to me with someone's actual handwriting! -again! the customer service!

Columbia boots! FREE
Wow. I'm totally speechless. Do you see that?! The flippin letter is handwritten too!!

I immediately emailed Mr. Joel Enderle who is the Senior Director of Footwear Manufacturing and thanked him profusely.

I told my mom about the situation, she told me about a pair of Timberlands that my cousin bought just last week. They say "Waterproof" right on them, but after a day of work his feet were soaked. I didn't even have to suggest, she said she was taking them back and buying some Columbia Boots. Right on, Suzanne.

I'm all about Marketing. Companies that spend billions with the Advertising Industry to promote their product strive to gain market penetration do it a a few basic ways. Every approach is highly planned, dissected, micro dissected and macro dissected. The latter is where I come in. To me this is like a Marketing test, a test to see if this company can indeed deliver, if they stand behind their word, every billion dollar of it. I'm her eto tell you, Columbia Sportswear certainly does. I will continue to purchase and wear Columbia gear.

on a side note: I only own one thing with the "allegedly" sweatshop produced "N" word on it, and that was a present. Hell, I remember that hilarious email about the custom monogrammed super air what-evers- I'll have to see if I can find it an link it.

Addidas and Columbia that's how I roll. Columbia because they give free boots for bunk boots and Addidas because, well. Do I really have to say why?
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