Monday, June 15, 2009

and then I fell out of my chair.

"This influence can introduce much pleasantness into your life through good times, agreeable relationships, sexual attraction and friendship. The problems that you will confront during this time are: overindulgence, lack of self-discipline, and unwillingness to work. This influence does not fit you for demanding work or trying situations, for you are likely to be lazy and unwilling to rouse yourself. If you don't have to accomplish anything, there is nothing wrong with this mood. In fact it is a good time to take it easy. But be careful not to overindulge in food or drink; today's good feelings may be tomorrow's headache! Your creative energies are stimulated, but you may lack the creative self-discipline that can turn a random outpouring of feelings into an artistic medium and disciplined art." GO. Know the EXACT minute you were born please.

Friday, June 12, 2009

stumbled upon me, as I did upon it

I know marketing well. I, myself market. I hold pride sometimes in my outstanding knowledge of the game. Its very hard to sell me with your broad impersonalized target techniques. It is an easy walk by and I fundamentally pay no attention to any corporations generalizations.

Not long ago a good deal approach me in the most creative of ways. In a social networking setting, I looked at the advertisements. I was monetary lured when I realized that over the years of the product's up and down market values and repeated loss of investors, the genuine value of said product had not changed in many years. Not in face value at least. 

I'm not really sure how I can go and make a statement like that because I haven't even set my eyes on the actual investment. But what I can tell you is that the direct marketing tactics that are being displayed by the franchise after they grew witness to my inquiries are mucho outstanding. So outstanding in fact, that I am allllmost willing to purchase sight unseen. 

This franchise is only working with the very best of copywriters, brainiacs and satirical humorists. Also he has looked into re-viving attention grabbing sales techniques that have been long since forgotten. The personal approach. That's what will make me pull. Thank you!

I'm inquisitive mostly. Doubtful hardly. I will watch silently by, for moments unlearned. I will take every emotional selling point in consideration. In my own time. I will notice the jealously I feel when others talk of the franchise before I get to view let alone commit to anything. Your adaptable proficiency will and should make me this way. 

Usually if the investment seems too good to be true- what is it? I'm not going to go on and focus on what "might" happen or what "could" happen because well, my gut tells me not to think that way in this case. Perhaps it was just that the failed investors weren't meant to be part of that universal deal in the first place? 

But. I mean, the nest is all I've got. How will I know exactly when to sign on the line? Without questions? Without fears of losing everything that I've built without assisted incentives of emotional and physical profits?  I've made investments before. None up to now have been successful. Most just ran their course of years. A few I pulled out of immediently. A few I lingered a little longer than my money was worth. But either way I'm sick of it. I want to make an investment in something real, that will be appreciating every living breathing day. 

I'm wondering if such has just stumbled upon me, as I did upon it.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

an afternoon exchange

With one of my best friends. On ze Facebook.

Leggs: " blah blah tunnel n light n stuff!"

me "your right sister! I'm crackin up"

L "What came first the light or the tunnel?"

m "the accident inside."

L "Lol. Anywho back to that tunnel...."

m "no use. you wont get to that point. too much romantics variables involved. that's a GOOD thing."

m "and you know your kind of "romantics" of course."

L "U make me lose my s***"

m "now you have me laughing really hard. you choose to edit your words on FACEBOOK?! ilu."

L "I have students..... And I'm mature!!"

m "we need to call it a day right here. I just hit a STOP SIGN. wheew."

L "Never dood. I don't have a stop sogn remember?"

m "good thing I got a few here and there. randomly."

L "Oh yeah! Your the best! Lmfao...."

m "your students know what that means."

L "No way dood"

Its all about the volley with a good friend. Happy.
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