Thursday, June 04, 2009

an afternoon exchange

With one of my best friends. On ze Facebook.

Leggs: " blah blah tunnel n light n stuff!"

me "your right sister! I'm crackin up"

L "What came first the light or the tunnel?"

m "the accident inside."

L "Lol. Anywho back to that tunnel...."

m "no use. you wont get to that point. too much romantics variables involved. that's a GOOD thing."

m "and you know your kind of "romantics" of course."

L "U make me lose my s***"

m "now you have me laughing really hard. you choose to edit your words on FACEBOOK?! ilu."

L "I have students..... And I'm mature!!"

m "we need to call it a day right here. I just hit a STOP SIGN. wheew."

L "Never dood. I don't have a stop sogn remember?"

m "good thing I got a few here and there. randomly."

L "Oh yeah! Your the best! Lmfao...."

m "your students know what that means."

L "No way dood"

Its all about the volley with a good friend. Happy.

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