Thursday, April 26, 2007

at the villages

heyyyy ya'all. I took this with my phone while I was visiting my aunt at "The Villages" near Orlando. Ever hear of "The Villages"? It's pretty crazy, and if you've seen "The Prisoner" it's even crazier. "The Village(s) is a place where people turn up..."

He's a good one.

Introducing: DUSTY HALO
Dusty Halo

The coolest, calmest 4 year old off-the-track Thoroughbred you'll ever meet. He a little. like. sorta. MINE. Well, to try out for a while- with option to buy...
Vet check went well and even with screaming kids under the age of 3, "Dora" balls bouncing through the pasture, toys being thrown off swingsets, weiner dogs barking at his heels, and other misc goings on, he doesn't even bat an ear. He loves people, and Ahley's mare Libby.

I even got a hold of the trainer because I found his race records online, and called the racetrack. The man was very friendly and definately remembers "that colt". He only raced 4 times...he just wasn't fast enough, and he was never lame or injured. he couldn't believe that Dusty was on his was to an auction, and very glad to hear that he's in safe hands. He said that he was trained by a western pleasure guy and even had months of ground work before he started him under saddle. He's skinny and needs some muscle, and about 15.3 hands. Beautiful Bay.

Dusty Halo

Dusty Halo
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