Saturday, April 29, 2006

you know when you REALLY LOVE those old running shoes?

These are my old Addidas running shoes. I love these shoes so much and I wear them OFTEN. I know they look horrible and the bottoms are almost completely flat but they are women's trail running shoes and I haven't been able to find the newer version ANYWHERE. I know I paid a lot of money for them- in 1996. I feel really strong about the athletic shoe stores in the mall not carring the same quality of ADDIDAS shoe as I have here. Even if I found a simular shoe, when I picked it up it felt so cheap and light to me. I have been looking for the updated version of these shoes for about a year now.
Look at them. They're like a miniskirt you know you have no business wearing but you still do. The leather isn't even leather anymore.

These shoes hold a lot of memories. I was in Art School in Pittsburgh and working on the south side at a restaurant/BAR called Mario's / Blue Lou's. I needed them because on one shift, I would climb approximately 200,000 steps.
mario's southside saloon 1996-97
Oh, yeah we shuffled up and down three or four flights of steps with HUGE food trays, yards of beer, dog bowls, porta potties, tolit bowls, buckets of bottles, and trays of shots. We took bets to see how long it took a new server to be brought to tears by the owner, Bob Pessalano. and if it never happend within 3 weeks, you were IN. We were a pretty tight group. We partied together and we worked our asses off. We cracked on each other. We sucked all the air out of the whip cream containers in the cooler. We left the building completely on Fri. and sat. nights to walk over to McArdles Pub and do shots and then right after walk around the BLOCK and smoke a joint. We sold glassware out the back door for $50 a piece.
We sold the shirts we were wearing. We said "pshhht, whatever." when we saw you giving that blojob under the table. We slid down a fire pole with a birthday cake, sometimes upside down. We started fights, just because we (notme) were parting in the beer cooler while finishing off that case. We got you drunk, and I hate to say it, we swindled you. Hey, it was a fair exchange for having to drag your date and her girlfriend out of the bathroom at 3 am. Through their own vomit. Half naked.
Thanks to the "penthouse" upstairs, we KNOW what happens at bachelor parties. Oh, and how could I forget that we KNEW ALL THE HIDING PLACES in the building aahhhnd we made a SHITload of cash.
The place was robbing me of my goodness, stealing my innocence.

To say I digress would be ignorant. Back to the shoes. I heard about a running shoe store here in town that specializes in track and field shoes so I went to look for the new version of my most favorite shoes ever that I am so coveting... I FOUND them, they were even on close out, like half price! my size! They even have the little mud flap part on the very back! I wore them today on a long walk with Mutch and I'm telling you, I think things are looking great.
Built in response
I LOVE the colors!

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  1. They don't make 'em like they used to...

    Here's hoping when the economy picks up again, shoes, clothing, bags, and electronic equipment will be made with greater care, and last for more than a year!


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