Friday, March 31, 2006

discordant moon

Things aren't running as smooth as they usually do over here. After a week of this going on I checked my "personal daily horoscope" on my favorite astrology site here's what it said:
Discordant moods
Weak, transient effect: This morning certain energies are at a high level. Probably you will feel quite physically energetic and want to accomplish a great deal. However, your energies may not be working very smoothly, because different areas of your life are working against each other now. You will have to work hard to develop harmony between your home and professional life, your conscious and unconscious personality, and your mind and feelings. You can accomplish a great deal as long as you don't get carried away by conflicts in these areas. In truth, for your life to work smoothly now, both sides of the areas mentioned above must be working together. Discordant moods can create difficulties in relationships at this time, especially if you are having any kind of internal emotional struggle.

SEE!? who said this stuff is bullshit? I'm emotional right now, way more than usual and it's not because I'm crazy, it's because my moon is opposing the sun, damnit.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

commonly cold

You know, being sick really sucks. Not only because I wake up with my throat feeling like it's swelling shut, not because I notice my body aches more and more with a common cold as the years pass. Not because even though I have no desire to smoke a cigarette, I HAVE to or I start to loose my marbles after about 5 hours of nicotine withdrawl. nope. These are all reasons why I think being sick is horrible, but they are minor compared to the real reason I think being sick is horrible.

When it comes down to it, isn't it true that all everyone wants is someone to spend the days with, someone to love? Another human being that cares enough to just listen when your sassy, sick or feeling insecure without taking it personally? Someone who realizes that a happy girl gets unhappy sometimes?

If you only have time for a woman when she's happy, in a good mood, and run as fast as you can when she gives you a bit of grief then you're missing out. You're missing out on the best part. The part where she will never forget when you held her close and told her it's gonna be alright, the part where she wants more than anything to give that feeling back to you. The part where she sticks up for you when her girlfriends are crackin' on your bedroom habits. The part that makes you friends as well as lovers.

I used to not hate being sick. I used to. I didn't know how much worse it could be back then though. F'NA. I know now.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Two more photos taken by Rob. so amazing. He captured "us" so well. silly. on Pensacola beach. 2002? Thanks Rob!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Illustration FOR SALE! it's HOT!

This Illustration is TOTALLY FOR SALE. get it now while you CAN! It's HooOT. I've had so many bids on it I've decided to see how much I can get if I post it up here. EBAY is the next stop.Click to enlarge
email me for price.

Monday, March 13, 2006


you better get with the program santucci. I want to see your "my space" profile and your blogger blog NOW sister.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Summer's 30th Birthday
more about the fish that I love so much later. Go see ALL OF the awesome shots from the night at she's lovely!

just a bunch of bullshit

I would like to lightly explore an interesting aspect of being in the service industry while under the influence of being normal-face challenged. You see, a lot of the general public, me being one of them, are not real keen on guts or blood, or lets say..stitches and a black eye? I understand this, and that's why I didn't take it as an insult when the owner of the restaurant I've been working saw me, and then swiped the schedule off the wall for examination of which employee should be called immediently to replace me and my shift. "I'm not trying to be a jerk..." he said to me while looking intently at the schedule.
"I know." I replied. "I wouldn't want some girl serving me food like this either."
I think he counted to ten, because after I witnessed some whispering and goings on, he just went and continued seating guests. Luckily. A big party was arriving and he needed me to stay. Good thing. Because I'm BROKE and all.

Here's the interesting part: Out of seven tables, only ONE looked at me like I was being really rude. I usually tried to slip the main points of the accident about the black eye and a spooked horse into the conversation. A few understood, and even found it interesting. Only two people actually asked about it. Everyone else? They weren't buying my story for one second. I MUST'VE ReeEALLY been hit. By a man. One woman even pulled the bartender aside and said to her: "Yeah, horses. that's the best excuse I've heard so far." I thought this was odd because I was sure I did a great job of expressing to her that "I would NEVER let that happen, I'm sorry that you don't know me ma'am but, I am not that person, I assure you."

I was actually innocently defending my character, as I looked to the side and remembered the "bartender" standing within conversation radius. She is such a great woman, very funny and outgoing. She gave me the nickname "Full-Moon-Hussy"- DON'T YOU LOVE HER ALREADY? Anyway, the first time I met her she had two black eyes, admittedly inflicted by her live in BF.
The sight of her, the thought of her black eyes and the words coming out of my mouth didn't belong near each other. The last thing I was trying to do was to insult her.
On my drive home, I was thinking about the seventy five thousand other times I put my foot in my mouth (sag rising). In comparison I've come to the conclusion that this time, this one was put forth to do good things.

I'm thinking of it like that ONE person that walked up to me while experiencing "saturn hell", and told me the ONE THING I am STILL learning. That nasty old woman unintentionally said that ONE thing that is really tying everything together.

I might've been that nasty old woman to the "bartender" but the THING IS- Does she realize that? I really hope she wasn't offended.
In my opinion, people shouldn't be separated into race anymore, ever. They should be separated into -those that realize -and- those that don't. well, and the rest- who are learning everyday. Or, this could be my way of bullshitting my way out of an embarrassing five seconds, who knows.


I was having all those troubles with this blog and then my internet went down -? I figured it might've been from non-payment? I checked the bill and that suckers not due until two weeks from now. Then it started working again!
Now if "that" television station would just call! (-I'm saying this in an effort to "put it out" there and see if that works.)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just when I was going to update my blog, it tells me that I am "FORBIDDEN" to access it "on this server"
I can sign in, I can post, I can see the dashboard but when I try and view my blog, it's a giant screen of white. I hope this STOPS soon.

meanwhile, I got this comment:
"That a girl. Tibbs turned me on to your site while hanging out at the Country Cranker.Keep up the good work (slub the good slub). I'll send ya some more pics via E-mail if you would like.
Posted by Robert G to the latest slub at 3/07/2006 09:36:16 PM

OK? Rob? I am so cracking up at the old school "slub the good slub" that I might-could make it my blog motto. and do you know that my blog came up in a msn search for "AAA boobs" ? yep, just a minute ago.
I'll take it.
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