Saturday, May 31, 2008

Legs sent me this video and I have never been so close to shitting my pants in a long time. 

Friday, May 30, 2008

new visitors!

My "new visitors" are up 72%- pretty nice!
I got hits from Russia, Venezeula, seven from Australia and one from Chile! Seventy one people saw this thing on Tuesday!

Hello to everyone that peeps in!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

This and that.

Here's me: "I think I actually need this. No. NO. Really. I NEED this."

Here's logic: "oh!Funny. Let me show you what you really need."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

or you might have to...

If you haven't already clicked on the photo below (HA! MILA! I KNEW YOU DID!!) I have to say that I've posted some pretty. grose pictures up here on my blog and I never had ANY with a warning. THIS One gets a warning as well as a safety notice:

Click to enlarge

TO ALL HORSE PEOPLE: And any other person that might be in the situation where a huge ass animal is losing its mind in a big tin box.
and I'm being VERY SERIOUS.

That knot can get you HUNG.TO.DEATH.

Legs got hurt a week ago today. I got a phone call from her in which she said a lot in a few words that made me DROP everything I was doing and drive very hurriedly and very directly to the equestrian center.

"I think I need to go to the hospital."

Joe DOESN'T GO to the HOSPITAL. She will proceed to tell you so many times on the way to the real hospital after the Dock-in-the-box has just told her: "You need to go to the hospital. You need to go NOW. You NEED to be driven there in an ambulance."

see, whahahappnwuz....
She was loading horses for the show that weekend and the horse she was holding kinda freaked out because he got goosed by the other horse waiting. Then when he got freaked out he freaked out because he was freaking out...(hah).

Really, he started pulling back so she had to let go of the lead rope. Mr. horse was loosing his mind. She was standing in between the wall of the trailer and the window against the gat-ie ting that separates the horses. The rope went phudddaaaaaadddddllllllllrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp through the bars and THUMP. The end of the rope had a knot in it which got caught on the CORNER of the part of the window. It instantly had her against the wall and off her feet for a good 30 seconds.

She grabbed a hold of that rope and like doing a chin-up held herself as much above it as she could. The lead rope finally snapped. It did not come un-attached from the hook. The ROPE snapped. Here's a typical lead rope.
Did you ever think you were going to DIE? She did. I just got chills typing that.

She stumbled out of the trailer and dropped to her knees as the others rushed over.
she's making hand gestures to the back of her neck- "the back, the back, my neck, is there anything?"
the others are in return making hand gestures to the FRONT of her neck..."uhh, no uhhmm, the FRONT??!??"

The hooker proceed to get seven horses loaded into the trailer and drive them to the equestrian center. That's when she made her phone calls. Uhm, yah.
I can tell you with strong conviction that she did this because she could. She did not allow herself to be "broken" until she got to the EC. If you don't buy that then, I've already told you- she's an eventer- she. just. plain. crazy.

We got to the hospital as quick as we could. Why did we not go to the hospital in the FIRST place? well, that was my question to her but I wasn't not arguing with her. NOT NOW. Besides, when I put a hatchet in my foot I remember I wanted the driver to stop at a canoe place so the first aid guy could stitch me up. I understood. If I had known of the emergency of the THROAT SWELLING SHUT I would have put up a MUCH bigger fight I have to say. She was talking fine. BOY WAS SHE TALKING fine. lol.

It was an emergency indeed. She was given every test in which you can see into the body and kept overnight for observation. (I saw my first sonogram!- and it was COOL!) In the morning the doctor didn't have to go into her throat with any cameras or anything else as he thought he might have to. She's doing very well. She shall ride tomorrow.

No go out to the barn and take all of the knots out of the ends of your lead ropes or you might have to wear a maxi-pad on your neck too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ok, so. ze steed.

The vet came out to look at Dusty today. He DOESN'T have hernia. She said that younger horses get it (I read it on the web) and for older horses to get it they have to have some severe trauma.

The most sever trauma Trusty Dusty deals with is the mare he lives with tricking him into thinking he's gonna get a kiss only to have a chunk taken out of his neck.

What he has is an edema from the bug bite (?) She said it could travel down towards his front legs more and it will gradually dissipate. She poked it and told me that it would get harder- and when I felt where she poked it I kinda got the willies. Her finger left a mark, like if you poked into a little glob of silly putty. He doesn't even need any antibiotics because his temp has been normal, so there's no infection.

She also told me that its like when they get "stocked up". I am familiar with this because my favorite quarter horse's legs would get stocked up if he wasn't ridden.
So we will get back to work today. He's had a few easy days. I don't mind that.

So my Dressage (war) pony is looking rather rugged with a huge bug bite on his shoulder, peeled off heel, scar on his back cannon, TWO bites on his neck, and now this second weiner looking thing. Oh, he banged his head off the stall door because he was being YOUNG and he's got a few marks on his head too. Heeeyyy I wonder if I can put dreads into his mane?...
These have been pretty much replaced by a more frequent discovery of these:


I'm OK with that.

"But your highness, the people aren't happy shopping at the mall!" "Then let them shop botiques!"

While I was at the beach I wandered over to the Boardwalk area to get an ice cream cone...then I walked around the docks outside. Then as I was heading back to my car I was lured into this little boutique by it's cunning facade. SPARKLIETHINGS!EVERYWHERE!

As I passed the threshold I realized that I just stepped into a little piece of fashion heaven. Forget the tank tops with glittering motorcycles on the the center chest. I just HIT THE JACKPOT on little. Fabulous. Dresses.

I looked at my cell-phone-is-the-new-watch and I had some time before the store closed to try a few on. I mean why NOT? ("The Secret" (TS) says to go drive the new car you want.) I have to admit this is a favorite thing of mine to do in designer stores also. There's no denying the fit of designer clothes. I'm sorry.

I went through my teenage years chubby. I guess its still with me because when I see myself in the mirror with dresses like this on I remember not fitting my ass into the dress I really wanted for graduation.

I really don't have anything to wear these kind of dresses to and I have been craving a closet at least half full of Pretty Dresses for a few years now. They're my weakness, well that and the white coat I tried on in the bebe store.

I chose three. I'm putting them on here because I smiled so big when I had these dresses on. Each one had a different personality, but just my style. I think I am deeply in love with the little black one. I shall wear it on the great date I have coming. Soon. (-more of "TS")


I loved the yellow one.


Then I tried on the White one...I'm trying to rationalize making a purchase now...


....BUT THEN THE BLACK ONE. OMG. I really, really, really, didn't want to take it off.

"uhhM, are you ok in there? are you having luck with the dresses?" the sales girl was standing outside my door, but like I said. I didn't want to take it off. The only thing I was taking were pictures with my cellie.

a moment before I unzipped the side zipper I felt a little negative for not having somewhere to wear it. I felt fabulous in this dress and whatever night I wear it is sure to be a great night. I just know it.

The point is: Shopping therapy works for women.

the joy of a water sign.


Pensacola Beach.
I live where vacation is two bridges away.



Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lifegaurds were spraying off vehic..l...e..


Beach. Lifegaurds.


-That's for all you youngins.

Some kind of poison.

"um, hello, Legs? um? do horses get hernia?!?"

It started like this. This is the underside of his body, between his back legs. It is the area right in front of his sheath. His Belly-button.

Dusty has something going on here- I have no idea, and since it just SHOWED up on Thurs., and the fact that if you call the vet for mundane things (on the beginning of a holiday weekend especially)he gets a little annoyed.


Legs came to look at it and said it wasn't hernia. She could not push it back into the body and could not feel any holes. That made me feel a lot better. I was you know, being "green"and still nervous and made an honest effort to see if it would go back in. Nope. It felt like a BOOB. Jiggly. But not like link sausages in a plastic like bag of water.

The next day.

He WAS swarmed with horseflies out in the pasture as I turned him out a night before...and that huge bite in the photo of the post below? well, it swelled up pretty good and the disappeared. My first thought was that whatever his body is doing to fight the sting (?) he got, it has traveled down to the lowest part. But it is growing...toward his sheath.


I didn't notice a drastic difference today but it's still there and bigger than in this pic. Its getting harder also. It's the size of my whole hand. Temp is normal - 2 days in a row. His disposition normal. I'm not riding him.

I caught the vet during his emergency calling hours yesterday...
"Is your horse eating, pooping, peeing, drinking, and standing up?"
"oh yes. all of those things." I said.
"Ok. Its not a matter of life or death. I can come out there but I'm out in Pensacola Beach...and you know there's an emergency charge...out of staff..."

I understood that he was out having a good time with his friends and family, it is a holiday weekend and all. I will have him come out tomorrow morning, hopefully.

It is the poison from the sting he got working its way through his body. It HAS to be.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JAAAYYYZEEEE check your feed bags!

"...Those who are in Ohio, Tenn, KY, Mississippi and states East of there should all check their feed to be sure it isn't among the recall list." eek!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

riddled with mosquito bites

slub to barn

I was on my way to the barn listening to the radio. I got on air because I called in about the question of the day. This is the second time. I think I have a crush on the DJ. ANYWAY.

haha Elijah is stealing the alfalfa cubes!

When I go there I saw the big Percheron Elijah drooling out of his mouth all over the place- FOAMING! As I opened Dusty's door I turned around and saw this. He's opened the container and is stealing the Alfalfa cubes. (i.e. If he were a pirate percheron he'd just discovered the booty.) It was pretty funny seeing his HUGe neck stretching to get in there. The container was moved but then he got started on the tack hanging on the wall. I really had good belly laughs watching him, and the barn manager trying to move everything out of the way. Once he got the lead ropes, halter and pad moved he knocked over the little container of plastic drawers...OMG it was funny.

Elijah is an older horse and he's kinda like a crabby grandfather who KNOWS his rights. He loves to be around other horses but he doesn't like them in HIS space, meaning- PASTURE.

The best moments at the barn are getting to see the horses' individual personalities. Horses are playful by nature. That can also be a kick in the ass because you find things like this:

and what the f happend tho his heel?!

What the hell happened to his heel?!? Looks like he clipped it with his back foot. I've heard him clip a little, but never this. ERRRgh. I HATE bell boots. Does this qualify for needing bell boots? So I "dressed" it (in horsegirl talk that means "I slathered Betadine all over it".) and wrapped his whole hoof in bright blue vet wrap (sticky ace bandage) to make it, I dunno. Grow back together?


I really saw this before I saw his foot, but those pictures were more grose and I wanted to put them first. (You know, to chase away the normal people.)


what the f bit my horse?
(I know, I know, he's fat. I'm working on it.)

I took this two days ago and now it has swelled up even more to a size bigger than my palm. Some hair fell off the middle of it and the spot is all red. I can see the sting (?) mark. I put hot compress on it tonight for about a half hour off and on. I was thinking it would draw whatever it is out. Then I dressed it. I guess I wait to see it tomorrow. I'm glad legs said she'll come take a look at it.

What flyspray works the best on a very thin skinned Thoroughbred? Should I feed him garlic??? The white bottle of fly spray is like water. The yellow bottle is not good for the skin...Neem oil? I wonder if Neem oil mixture would work. HMMmmmmm.

The bugs are eating the inside of his ears too. I clean them everyday and I've been putting this pepto bismal pink wound stuff around his it kills and repels flys too! (that's the pink on the above pics of his foot)

oh well, good day. I'm thankful, yet riddled with mosquito bites.

b.t.w I have to add that my horse stood still enough for me to hold his foot, my impossible camera phone and the flap of skin all at the same time. BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME. YOU HEAR? AWESOME.

just stay there.

I'm sitting here working and I'm listening to NPR as usual.

They just told me that Bush is spending more time in Texas now because he might as well...he's not doing ANY good on his travels. He's actually pissing everyone off.


Install a new Slip n Slide outside for him. I want him to STAY there. Let him finger paint all day. He doesn't need to be pissing anyone else off. I already pay $40.00 to fill up my JETTA.

The United States might be the most powerful, but we look like a bunch of rednecks to the rest of the world. (no disrespect to the troops or the military.)

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is Christine

This is Christine. Getting her portrait taken.

This is Christine Signing autographs after her Broadway play.

This is Christine Playin' it HOT!

This is Christine She is the owner/operator of the Bar Tahiti in Niamtougou, Togo.
I can't stop looking at this photo. I LOVE this shot. This woman warms my heart. She looks so happy. She's BEAUTIFUL in all sense of the word. She's got that "christine" look of intrigue.

This is Christine. Taking some photos.

This is Christine. She's at Coney Island getting some Cotton Candy.

This is Christine. She's in from Germany.

This is Christine. At her 80's Birthday Cheesefest.

This is Christine. She's having a good time with her friends. plus, she's got really great hair.

This is Christine. She just started her journey.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

perfectly good man

So, um The Secret says that if you want that "shiny new red sports car" you should go drive it. Convince yourself that you already have it. I'm wondering it that idea applies to all things- because I would really like to test drive a

As I get older I think about the things I really enjoyed when I was younger, like running around the neighborhood on my pink Schwinn with the flower banana seat and a basket full of chalk, and my little Canneaut-on-the-Lake coin purse full of Jacks. SWINGS.

The big swing set at the local park had its supports cemented in the ground. IT was my favorite. Looking up to where the the chains were connected to the top bar gave me willies. I only liked swings with the legs cemented in the ground because I was gonna go REAL HIGH. I was there often. Especially when I was upset.


My childhood swing set was a work of art. It's legs were supported with cement because my dad, being so cool did it. It was a basic two swings set. And a sliding board. It was painted with leftover forest green paint from the front porch and had stripes circling the legs of bright orange. OLD SCHOOL. My mom painted it. I remember watching her peel the tape off to reveal the was so exciting. When my thoughts go back to the memories that make me who I am that swing set is always an easy visual. And the ducks. We lived on the south side of Youngstown. We had ducks running around the yard.

Presently, there are many parks throughout my neighborhood (called "East Hill") and they all have wonderful swings. I often stop while walking Mutch. As I'm floating back and forth I enjoy the memories of the shiny fenders on my fabulous pink bicycle, the white quacking ducks, and my green and orange swing set.
(-and its really neat to try and balance with no hands-it's like cross training for riding!)

I'm interested in my realization of how very visual of a person I have always been. We never stop learning how to learn do we?

I'm happy. I'm thankful for all that I have. I've listened to "The Secret" four times now.



Now that I am doing freelance artwork full time I'm not repeatedly chewing the first layer of skin off my bottom lip anymore. Constantly.

I've purchased a domain name for my new endeavor - which is APPLYcreative. And with it I got free hosting from GoDaddy. I set up a frontpage and looked at it. "owh." I got free hosting because they put their ads all over the top of it. I hate ads. I don't hate free hosting. So what shall I do? Go Daddy is cool enough, they have Danica!

APPLYcreative. is the name I picked out and I think its rather catchy. "HEY YOU. APPLY CREATIVE." And the marvelous slogans I came up with...I know, I know, it's not really all that professional for what I'm trying to do- or is it? I think it's on the line. My goal for this site is to be a go to place when I approach someone about Freelance. I want it to be a cross of my professional work and my rather creative cartooney Illustrations, I want it to be professional yet guileless. Do those two words belong together in a sentence?

In addition to the new domain name and website coming soon (which means in my talk SOMEDAY) I am trying to write a bio for my site. I've looked at countless other artist's bio's, which are good but I'm having some trouble with mine. First of all it's really creepy to talk about yourself in third person. Why is that the way it is done? Obviously the people know that I'm the one who did the website and so then, they will know I wrote the bio. Creepy. Do people think that someone else writes your personal and professional biography? Who wrote yours? Dingdang.

And second of all, what is all this "to do" about projects that have been done? I've had to sit here and THINK really hard about what I have done that I can include on my list of credentials. I've done so many things, and when I did these things I really didn't think "oh wow, this is a HUGE thing". One of my colored pencil drawings was in a few shows in college, won some things, I did art projects with the Kids at the Boys and Girls Club- Are these things that I should include? Ok. you talked me into it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dusty was fabulous tonight and very forward with a lot of GO, and I loved it. I will be able to harness that energy and we shall look fabulous some more.

riding dusty
This was taken tonight while I was riding. I think this is a decent picture- I'm just beginning to ask for bend as his back leg is stepping under him, engaging. Now if I can get the front together...

Riding Dusty
This is a start of a shoulder in. We're learning together. You see those yellow things on the fence? they hold the electric wire and they REALLY FLIPPPING HURT when you scrape your knee on them.

Riding Dusty

Riding Dusty

Riding Dusty
Here's us sitting trot.
I LOVE dusty.
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