Thursday, May 15, 2008


As I get older I think about the things I really enjoyed when I was younger, like running around the neighborhood on my pink Schwinn with the flower banana seat and a basket full of chalk, and my little Canneaut-on-the-Lake coin purse full of Jacks. SWINGS.

The big swing set at the local park had its supports cemented in the ground. IT was my favorite. Looking up to where the the chains were connected to the top bar gave me willies. I only liked swings with the legs cemented in the ground because I was gonna go REAL HIGH. I was there often. Especially when I was upset.


My childhood swing set was a work of art. It's legs were supported with cement because my dad, being so cool did it. It was a basic two swings set. And a sliding board. It was painted with leftover forest green paint from the front porch and had stripes circling the legs of bright orange. OLD SCHOOL. My mom painted it. I remember watching her peel the tape off to reveal the was so exciting. When my thoughts go back to the memories that make me who I am that swing set is always an easy visual. And the ducks. We lived on the south side of Youngstown. We had ducks running around the yard.

Presently, there are many parks throughout my neighborhood (called "East Hill") and they all have wonderful swings. I often stop while walking Mutch. As I'm floating back and forth I enjoy the memories of the shiny fenders on my fabulous pink bicycle, the white quacking ducks, and my green and orange swing set.
(-and its really neat to try and balance with no hands-it's like cross training for riding!)

I'm interested in my realization of how very visual of a person I have always been. We never stop learning how to learn do we?

I'm happy. I'm thankful for all that I have. I've listened to "The Secret" four times now.


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