Tuesday, May 20, 2008

riddled with mosquito bites

slub to barn

I was on my way to the barn listening to the radio. I got on air because I called in about the question of the day. This is the second time. I think I have a crush on the DJ. ANYWAY.

haha Elijah is stealing the alfalfa cubes!

When I go there I saw the big Percheron Elijah drooling out of his mouth all over the place- FOAMING! As I opened Dusty's door I turned around and saw this. He's opened the container and is stealing the Alfalfa cubes. (i.e. If he were a pirate percheron he'd just discovered the booty.) It was pretty funny seeing his HUGe neck stretching to get in there. The container was moved but then he got started on the tack hanging on the wall. I really had good belly laughs watching him, and the barn manager trying to move everything out of the way. Once he got the lead ropes, halter and pad moved he knocked over the little container of plastic drawers...OMG it was funny.

Elijah is an older horse and he's kinda like a crabby grandfather who KNOWS his rights. He loves to be around other horses but he doesn't like them in HIS space, meaning- PASTURE.

The best moments at the barn are getting to see the horses' individual personalities. Horses are playful by nature. That can also be a kick in the ass because you find things like this:

and what the f happend tho his heel?!

What the hell happened to his heel?!? Looks like he clipped it with his back foot. I've heard him clip a little, but never this. ERRRgh. I HATE bell boots. Does this qualify for needing bell boots? So I "dressed" it (in horsegirl talk that means "I slathered Betadine all over it".) and wrapped his whole hoof in bright blue vet wrap (sticky ace bandage) to make it, I dunno. Grow back together?


I really saw this before I saw his foot, but those pictures were more grose and I wanted to put them first. (You know, to chase away the normal people.)


what the f bit my horse?
(I know, I know, he's fat. I'm working on it.)

I took this two days ago and now it has swelled up even more to a size bigger than my palm. Some hair fell off the middle of it and the spot is all red. I can see the sting (?) mark. I put hot compress on it tonight for about a half hour off and on. I was thinking it would draw whatever it is out. Then I dressed it. I guess I wait to see it tomorrow. I'm glad legs said she'll come take a look at it.

What flyspray works the best on a very thin skinned Thoroughbred? Should I feed him garlic??? The white bottle of fly spray is like water. The yellow bottle is not good for the skin...Neem oil? I wonder if Neem oil mixture would work. HMMmmmmm.

The bugs are eating the inside of his ears too. I clean them everyday and I've been putting this pepto bismal pink wound stuff around his ears...lol- it kills and repels flys too! (that's the pink on the above pics of his foot)

oh well, good day. I'm thankful, yet riddled with mosquito bites.

b.t.w I have to add that my horse stood still enough for me to hold his foot, my impossible camera phone and the flap of skin all at the same time. BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME. YOU HEAR? AWESOME.

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    although not all horsey posts I think it will be a valuable addition to the Horse Power Guides and the friendly crowd of horse lovers will enjoy your writing style .

    I have made the Bloggers Maps Public so your welcome to embed the map to the size you prefer


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