Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"But your highness, the people aren't happy shopping at the mall!" "Then let them shop botiques!"

While I was at the beach I wandered over to the Boardwalk area to get an ice cream cone...then I walked around the docks outside. Then as I was heading back to my car I was lured into this little boutique by it's cunning facade. SPARKLIETHINGS!EVERYWHERE!

As I passed the threshold I realized that I just stepped into a little piece of fashion heaven. Forget the tank tops with glittering motorcycles on the the center chest. I just HIT THE JACKPOT on little. Fabulous. Dresses.

I looked at my cell-phone-is-the-new-watch and I had some time before the store closed to try a few on. I mean why NOT? ("The Secret" (TS) says to go drive the new car you want.) I have to admit this is a favorite thing of mine to do in designer stores also. There's no denying the fit of designer clothes. I'm sorry.

I went through my teenage years chubby. I guess its still with me because when I see myself in the mirror with dresses like this on I remember not fitting my ass into the dress I really wanted for graduation.

I really don't have anything to wear these kind of dresses to and I have been craving a closet at least half full of Pretty Dresses for a few years now. They're my weakness, well that and the white coat I tried on in the bebe store.

I chose three. I'm putting them on here because I smiled so big when I had these dresses on. Each one had a different personality, but just my style. I think I am deeply in love with the little black one. I shall wear it on the great date I have coming. Soon. (-more of "TS")


I loved the yellow one.


Then I tried on the White one...I'm trying to rationalize making a purchase now...


....BUT THEN THE BLACK ONE. OMG. I really, really, really, didn't want to take it off.

"uhhM, are you ok in there? are you having luck with the dresses?" the sales girl was standing outside my door, but like I said. I didn't want to take it off. The only thing I was taking were pictures with my cellie.

a moment before I unzipped the side zipper I felt a little negative for not having somewhere to wear it. I felt fabulous in this dress and whatever night I wear it is sure to be a great night. I just know it.

The point is: Shopping therapy works for women.

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  1. They all look fantastic on you! Glad you had a fun day there, and got in some "therapy"... Heaven knows we all need it now and again!


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