Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ok, so. ze steed.

The vet came out to look at Dusty today. He DOESN'T have hernia. She said that younger horses get it (I read it on the web) and for older horses to get it they have to have some severe trauma.

The most sever trauma Trusty Dusty deals with is the mare he lives with tricking him into thinking he's gonna get a kiss only to have a chunk taken out of his neck.

What he has is an edema from the bug bite (?) She said it could travel down towards his front legs more and it will gradually dissipate. She poked it and told me that it would get harder- and when I felt where she poked it I kinda got the willies. Her finger left a mark, like if you poked into a little glob of silly putty. He doesn't even need any antibiotics because his temp has been normal, so there's no infection.

She also told me that its like when they get "stocked up". I am familiar with this because my favorite quarter horse's legs would get stocked up if he wasn't ridden.
So we will get back to work today. He's had a few easy days. I don't mind that.

So my Dressage (war) pony is looking rather rugged with a huge bug bite on his shoulder, peeled off heel, scar on his back cannon, TWO bites on his neck, and now this second weiner looking thing. Oh, he banged his head off the stall door because he was being YOUNG and he's got a few marks on his head too. Heeeyyy I wonder if I can put dreads into his mane?...

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