Wednesday, May 28, 2008

or you might have to...

If you haven't already clicked on the photo below (HA! MILA! I KNEW YOU DID!!) I have to say that I've posted some pretty. grose pictures up here on my blog and I never had ANY with a warning. THIS One gets a warning as well as a safety notice:

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TO ALL HORSE PEOPLE: And any other person that might be in the situation where a huge ass animal is losing its mind in a big tin box.
and I'm being VERY SERIOUS.

That knot can get you HUNG.TO.DEATH.

Legs got hurt a week ago today. I got a phone call from her in which she said a lot in a few words that made me DROP everything I was doing and drive very hurriedly and very directly to the equestrian center.

"I think I need to go to the hospital."

Joe DOESN'T GO to the HOSPITAL. She will proceed to tell you so many times on the way to the real hospital after the Dock-in-the-box has just told her: "You need to go to the hospital. You need to go NOW. You NEED to be driven there in an ambulance."

see, whahahappnwuz....
She was loading horses for the show that weekend and the horse she was holding kinda freaked out because he got goosed by the other horse waiting. Then when he got freaked out he freaked out because he was freaking out...(hah).

Really, he started pulling back so she had to let go of the lead rope. Mr. horse was loosing his mind. She was standing in between the wall of the trailer and the window against the gat-ie ting that separates the horses. The rope went phudddaaaaaadddddllllllllrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp through the bars and THUMP. The end of the rope had a knot in it which got caught on the CORNER of the part of the window. It instantly had her against the wall and off her feet for a good 30 seconds.

She grabbed a hold of that rope and like doing a chin-up held herself as much above it as she could. The lead rope finally snapped. It did not come un-attached from the hook. The ROPE snapped. Here's a typical lead rope.
Did you ever think you were going to DIE? She did. I just got chills typing that.

She stumbled out of the trailer and dropped to her knees as the others rushed over.
she's making hand gestures to the back of her neck- "the back, the back, my neck, is there anything?"
the others are in return making hand gestures to the FRONT of her neck..."uhh, no uhhmm, the FRONT??!??"

The hooker proceed to get seven horses loaded into the trailer and drive them to the equestrian center. That's when she made her phone calls. Uhm, yah.
I can tell you with strong conviction that she did this because she could. She did not allow herself to be "broken" until she got to the EC. If you don't buy that then, I've already told you- she's an eventer- she. just. plain. crazy.

We got to the hospital as quick as we could. Why did we not go to the hospital in the FIRST place? well, that was my question to her but I wasn't not arguing with her. NOT NOW. Besides, when I put a hatchet in my foot I remember I wanted the driver to stop at a canoe place so the first aid guy could stitch me up. I understood. If I had known of the emergency of the THROAT SWELLING SHUT I would have put up a MUCH bigger fight I have to say. She was talking fine. BOY WAS SHE TALKING fine. lol.

It was an emergency indeed. She was given every test in which you can see into the body and kept overnight for observation. (I saw my first sonogram!- and it was COOL!) In the morning the doctor didn't have to go into her throat with any cameras or anything else as he thought he might have to. She's doing very well. She shall ride tomorrow.

No go out to the barn and take all of the knots out of the ends of your lead ropes or you might have to wear a maxi-pad on your neck too.

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