Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm SO gonna buy TWELVE horses

On Friday Feb. 2, I got two really great phone calls.
The first great call I got was from a wonderful man in Pensacola that saw my work online through a friend (THANK YOU!) & had me flown to Florida that Monday for an interview.

Yes, people I was standing on the edge of the Pensacola Beach pier on Tuesday afternoon in a sweatshirt sans HAT. While everyone here was freezing their asses off.

The other call was from the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club here in Youngstown. The arts and crafts teacher had to leave unexpectedly and that position is open also! This is a position that I really wanted for while, but my volunteer hours were running short.

I am MOVING BACK TO PENSACOLA (!) by March 1 to begin my new job at Blue Dolphin Designs. (-I should say they're moving me back.) I will be designing t-shirts for various industries and the work is VERY creative. The owner of the company is fabulous and is a very keen business man. I will have windows (on the wall, NOT on my computer), I will have my flip flops, and most of all I will have a life. BECAUSE. I'm getting paid some real money. wooohooohowhhho!!! FINALLY.

Me & Pensacola Beach

I will also be doing the gig at the BGC until I leave.

I can't even think about leaving the barn or Twister, my friends and things that I care about here. I will instantly tear up if I even give it a thought. That part of it is going to be HELL but I'll re-think that when I'm laying on that beach...haha. I am more than excited. I am motivated and creative right now, and this is exactly what I NEED.

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  1. Congrats Christine!!!!!

    But what are you going to do with your boots....?

    Let us know how the warmer half lives in Florida.

    Good luck.


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