Tuesday, August 17, 2004

boy palace?

when I first got this house, I dreampt of it being PINK , pink all over, pink curtains, pink tile and even pink glasses in the cupboards....THE GIRL PALACE! (I mean hell, it's already pink on the outside!) I dreampt of having tea parties, a la alice in wonderland, and tupperware parties with crumpets and scones from starbucks! and we'd all take turns tightening each other's corsets.....
well, most of that has changed. now that I have worked my way through whatever it was that I was feeling I have decided to paint my beloved "GIRL PALACE", blue. Yes, BLue...the BOY color.
boy palace? no. ( I can assure THAT, it is not)
It will be a great navy blue with black hardware (mailbox, railings, numbers,etc.) and white trim. I shall plant dozens of sunflowers all along the garage in the summer, and a plethura of bright orange poppies out front. a TON of em.
I will post pics as the progress continues. or as Tony gets cuter. whichever comes first.


  1. Ask Tony if he'll hold a lantern and be your lawn jocky.

  2. forget the jockey,he should be your steed.

  3. yoyoyoy! who the hell is that hot guy? this is kitty.i didnt feel like getting a password and shit. that guy is hot. i want him. unless he's yours in which case, go chica!


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