Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's DONE! well..not DONE.

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Here it is! The house is finally painted, it's far from done....I am going to put the railings back up, after being sandblasted they will be painted a flat black, numbers, mailbox and light also. I am also going to get flowerboxes under each window.
I LOVE IT! I love the color and I love how crispy it looks in a neighborhood of tan, grey, sandstone, tan, off white, and more tan houses. My neighbors are slowing their cars down driving past my house, and the sweet elderly neighbors next door told me it's shocking after 30 years to look out the window and see a big BLUE house. I wish the picture did it justice, tony did a great job. for all ya'll that live here and haven't stopped by to see it, c'mon over!

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  1. looks great cant wait to see it in person... it is a nice blue... cant wait till spring when all the yellow and white flowers are coming up... your gonna be on CRIBS beeyotch!!!!!play on playa............


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