Friday, September 17, 2004

non-evacuation conversation

I hope all of my friends in Pensacola are SAFE with minimal damage and out taking lots of pictures to send to me. I was keeping track of Ivan the whole time, how exciting! I just know a few of you rode out the storm teathered to the pensacola beach pier....


  1. Did you know that everytime someone in Mexico flushes the toilet, a blog like this one ends up in America?

  2. redhairblueface...... you musta been the shit that was flushed..........

  3. I hugged a tree once. Big mistake. Splinters all over the place. Oh, wait, that was a cactus. My bad.

    Lori, why don't you go straight down to the hot place to visit the horned one?

  4. who are you o sucky one??? and i wish you would sit on that cactus that you claimed you hugged....why visit a spot that you only say negative things??? is there somewhere better you could go??? because i only want you to be in a better place... so go!!!!take your cactus huggin ass and GO..... and have a great day


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