Tuesday, September 21, 2004

holy hurricane batman!

could you imagine waiting in line for ice and water and noticing your front door laying in the road, 15 miles away from your house? or getting back home and seeing your car IN YOUR POOL?? or getting back home and THERE. IS. NO. HOME.???
I was looking at the pensacola news journal and checking out all of the pictures of the most magnificent beachtown that I ever lived in (the ONLY beachtown I ever lived in). in ruins. A few days ago I had no idea of the extent of the devastation.
A email from a friend said that it is much worse than anyone can ever imagine. they are reporting deaths, but the actual number is way higher than what they are quoting. there is no water, or electricity. No electric for months! ugh.
Pensacolans were told at first not to drink or touch the water, then they were told they can bathe in it, but don't let it near the face. shit. you see, there is a little problem with the water treatment plant. it's GONE. so all the shit-turds are now mixed with the one thing that will keep you alive, the UNsalted water.
It leaves me speechless to look at those pictures and realize the wrath that was Ivan. speechless. and heavy in the heart. not a god damn thing to joke about. I'm hoping that the most damage is minimal, the spirits are positive and friends, relatives and critters are safe and sound.

I would drop everything in a new york minute if I could go down there and help out in ANY way. but right now I would only be another body using up very very valuable resources.

and I REALLY have no idea the extent of it all.

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