Wednesday, September 08, 2004

cow patties and cotton candy

So here it is, September. September is pretty bittersweet for me, you see, september means that Labor Day is coming soon, and Labor day of course, means that summer is coming to an end. Which is the worst thing that can ever happen (in my opinion) each year. No disrespect to autumn though... I get overwhelmed by the olfactory hues of fall.
God's only saving grace about Labor Day AND Youngstown Ohio is CANFIELD FAIR!
that's the sah-WHeeeet part of "bittersweet".
I LOVE the Canfield Fair. let me say it again, I LOOOOOVE the Canfield Fair! when I lived away from this city, I swear the only things I missed were 1. Mill Creek Park AND 2. THE FAIR! There is nothing bad about the fair. even if it rains, hails, or tornados the fair is still fun. for me. each year, I cant wait to see the winner of the "dress a vegetable" contest!
The canfield fair has everything you could ever ask for in a county fair. from airbrush t-shirts to the best haylage. the finest art to the largest punkin (780 LBS!!). the fattest hog to the freshest apple-having candy apple. from hot tubs to quilts. everything in between. I don't mind all of the animal smells, sounds or the embarrassing amount of shit on a cows rear end...I infact, feel real at home around shit . (uhh..? should I have said that?) I'll step in it and skip around in joy knowing there is agriculture on the sole of my shoe. why? well, because there is agriculture in the soul of christine.
I saw a cute farm girl with a T-Shirt that said : "I WORK. YOU EAT. "
I'll buy it.

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  1. I second the emotion to love all over the canfield fair. Biggest county fair I've ever seen! Sorry I missed the "dress a veggie" contest, but must admit I'm reserving my last candy apple for a special occasion (I bought several "to go").

    Thanks, Christine, for being the hand I grab when car #60 got rolled over at my first demolition derby.


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