Thursday, September 16, 2004

a very good boy

This is my dog mutch. yeah, mutch. mutch is learning with help from "the dog listener" by jan fennel that I AM the alpha. We are on our way to me not having to go exploring boardman when I take my eyes off of him for two seconds. (I dont want to have to have him on a lead all the dang time!)
the book has given me helpful advice in the "horse whisperer" sort of way. It's actually very much like the concept of whispering to horses, it's getting him to want to make the right choice instead of controlling him with fear. A-HA! It has given me the knowledge to behave as the BOSS bitch and he is taking beautifully to it. I have to give him signs that I am the leader of the pack, before I was sending him mixed messages. I HIGHLY recommend this read for anyone having trouble with their dog.
the next chapter I will be getting to is "car ride hell". "HHRRRRrrrh snort rrrrrrRRRRRrrrrRR snort hHHHHHRRRrrrrr......." he whines like a thirteen year old in the car. he needs to know that I am the leader of the hunt and that it is not his job to do what he does, I am showing him he is a strong member of the pack by taking him with me. all he has to do is sit back (HA, yeah, riggght.) let me worry about the speed limit and enjoy being a dog. that's what jan says.

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