Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$miler'$ Antiques

On the way home from Orlando Bosley usually cuts the drive a bit by stopping at some random place to browse or eat. Hilarity usually insues.
I spilled a gigantic coffee (on the save) all over the counter at Dunkin Donuts. She insisted that they had NO towels. Bosley and I are grabbing napkins out of the dispenser like mad...until I pop the whole thing open and grab handfulls of paper napkins to clean up the tidal wave of iced coffee. She stood there and watched. Bosley was apologetic I was about to write an email to DD telling them to get some ding dang rags. We both thought we were being punkd'. We stopped at this place to eat once just ordered like, 20 tiny yukky burgers and the power went out. They gave us 15 half cooked tiny yukky burgers and wouldn't let us leave. Bosley grabs Moby's latest cd and makes us listen to it in the van. No, no that's not hilarious at all.

so on our way home this time we're given the option to stop at this "really cool" antique store.
"Hell yah!" I said as Cath follows it up with "owwhhallriggght."

As we pulled in I was a little apprehensive I have to admit. I've seen set ups like this before...I didn't make it five steps into the door and I was fixed upon a vintage ring. It was the prettiest square cut gemstone set in this fabulous art deco style. I knew that I didn't have any money to spend on that kind of thing so I didn't even check how much it cost. I tore myself away and took a look around.

$miley'$ Flea Market
uhmmm okaaaayyy.

I started down the first aisle looking at prices of things that caught my eye.
Yah, it's one of "those" places. Tourist attraction vintage market. Booths rented out by "dealers" that aren't anywhere around. Prices so stinking high I'm not sure if anyone with a space was doing much $miling. They certainly weren't doing much money counting. Or booth re-stocking.

I take this as a personal challenge. I'm determined to find that one little thing that is priced (really) low and has style. It's the Scorpio/Virgo/Artist in me. I can't help it.
And that is just what I did. More like that's what I thought I did, until I flipped my find around to see the ridiculous price affixed to the side. DAM. I wanted it so badly and I was convinced the price was under $10! I had to alert Cathy!
I took my find over to her as she was looking at a full color,life size stand-up cutout of Peppermint Patty. Cut out of plywood.
I showed her my find and the price tag.
She showed me her find and the price tag on it.
We looked at each other. Crookedly. "That thing is cut out of PLYWOOD not Granite right?" I said.
She had me take a pic of her with it.

I continued on my way with my find in tow and spotted this:
$miley'$ Flea Market
I HAVE to have this. At least in my imagination."How much?" I asked to woman that was following me around. She had to go call the vendor. I don't know why I made her do that. Maybe it was unconsciously to get her off my tail because I wasn't ever going to pay $375 for a stuffed rattle snake with a bunk rattler.

then I see this:
$miley'$ Flea Market
ItwouldbesoperfectinDS'shouse! But it wont. It will be perfect there. On that pegboard wall. Until the end of time with a price tag like that. I swear that I could go hunt my own for less. Who ELSE would want this??

I was so fired up for no real reason and so I took my find to the counter.
"I'll pay eight bucks for this."
"She won't take eight dollars for that." the lady immediately said.
I set my find on the counter and politely said "Then I don't want it." and went outside to get my phone. I was kinda upset.

Cathy was sitting on the bench and told me that she just saw a lady walk outside and say to the man she was with "It's a bunch of overpriced JUNK!"
So, not just MY experince? I'm just sayin.

DAMDAMDAM!my find was so awesome! But I wouldn't even pay that much if I had some fun money to get rid of! I was pissed and beginning not to like this place. I sure wasn't $miling as I walked back in to find Bosley. I turned the corner and was faced with a wall of these:
$miley'$ Flea Market

okay. I'm officially delivering the inevitable to Bosley. We're ready to go. I'm not sure if I will be able to sleep for months now after seeing that.

I found him knee deep in pristine Vintage Christmas records, and excited about it so I told him of my find let down and HEY! LOOK AT THIS RATTLESNAKE!! I really couldn't spoil his moment all too much. He gave himself ten more minutes. I agreed. Went back outside to talked with Cathy for a few minutes and realized that I didn't get a picture of my great find.

I went into the store again.
As I walked in, the woman was wrapping up my find and handing it to Bosley along with all 50 of his Christmas records.
I took it away from her, looked at Bosley, gave it back to her and said "No. no. Return this please." He was laughing at me as the woman and I played a little round of push and push back with the package.
"Bosley, that's way too much for that! REALLY! THANK YOU! But PLEASE RETURN IT. return it?"
So he bought it for me. He told me thanks for being a part of the team.
I had a little bit of a hard time accepting it. I mean really, it wasn't a ton of money but still. "HOLY SHIT!THANK YOU BOSLEY! THANK YOU THANK YOU!"
So the third time I walked out of there I was indeed, $miling.

what is this very fantastic find?...

$miley'$ Flea Market

$miley'$ Flea Market
hehe! it's GIANT! I LOVE IT!

$miley'$ Flea Market

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