Thursday, April 02, 2009

aghhh! what's in the BOx?

So, I go out to get my mail today and there is a package at my front door. I wondered for a second if I really ordered that bridle I was looking at online the other night. Walked over, picked it up.
Hm. It's from Amazon. Hmmmm. It's actually addressed to "16", and I am "18".
First gut instinct says: "oh, I'll just take it up to 16 and drop it off."
I shook the box.
Owh Hell.
I open the cardboard shoe size box.

Inside I see a Nikon Cool pix camera and a small book titled "If the Buddah Dated: A handbook for finding Love on a spiritual Path"

I am DYYYYYYYYING for a little point and shoot camera. I look for them on ebay all the time.
Nikon is my camera of choice.
and if you know me well, the book is quite appropriate. LOL.

I'm standing there staring at the highly desired items in this box- FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!

I am an honest person, and whenever these kinds of "tests" are presented to me I will choose good karma and be honest. It's a scorpio thing. It usually gets me in trouble, or in debt, or nothing at all except the knowledge that I am living my life to my standards of being a nice human.

But. I will stir over it. For a moment.

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