Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the story of the story of the story of bad mouse karma

I couldn't believe that the sign said " ALL THE TAFFY YOU CAN FIT IN THIS BAG FOR $1.50"
The sweet smells that are piped into the crowd get me everytime.
So heck, I went in the largest candy store on Main Steet.
Stuffed that little bag so full I would have enough taffy until at least September!

Later, while standing in line for Soarin' I plopped the seventeenth piece of taffy into my mouth.
It was kinda crunchy (?)
I don't know I just thought that maybe it was the little dried crunchy ends of the taffy...
...and then it all hit me.
The tootsie roll pop incident in high school!The dive into the pool! The walking into the door!
MY tongue felt my front teeth.
I just crunched the bonding of my tooth.
I spit the whole glob of taffy out into the paper wrapper.

Teah was on the phone with her boyfriend and looked at me wondering what the hell I was doing.
I'm rapidly pointing at my mouth, she's got a puzzled look on her face and says "what???"
more rapid pointing.
"WHAAAAAAAAt???" she says again.
How could she not notice? It feels like half my tooth is gone!!! I'm not taking "WHAT" for a reaction.
"doode, MY TOOTH. LOOK AT MY TOOTH!!!!!!"
"owh. it's not that bad." and she continues talking to her boyfriend.

I was crushed. I was going to South Beach the NEXT DAY.
I'm not a very vain person, but for god's sake I'm basically average in every physical and cleavage-ical way and my smile- I need that!

I thought about it later.
I just wondered if it was the mouse's way of dishing me some bad karma back because I kinda dropped the f-bomb in the middle of the light parade (you know, the one with all the CHILDREN watching?) with enthusiasm to say the least. My friend instantly scolded me which was very bona fide because I mean, you know-
in the crowd of 10,000 children you could have heard a pin drop.

DO you know that they block off ALL of main street a good 45 mins before the parade even starts? Nope, can't even run-like-the-wind across.
And obviously, can't cuss about it either.

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