Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm running in and out of houses.

I have really crazy dreams. This happens often and I will usually wake up with my heart beating real fast and I'm sweaty.

I'm always running. Physically RUNNING somewhere. Usually I am running to get away from someone. Or I'm running to get help from someone. Or running to find the men that my grandfather told me to go see if I ever had a *problem* that hang out in the back rooms of italian they can help me hide a BODY.

Last night I was running from a vicious pit bull on a leash. He was coming after me and the man holding him back said "owhhhh, he's jus playin."

The other constant is a house. There is always a house involved. I'm running in and out of houses.

It was a house that a group of people and I stayed in-and JUST left. I should have written it down, because I remembered vividly when I awoke. I had to go back to get something. When I arrived there were a whole bunch of really really weird people there. Like gypsies, fraternity boys and the family from texas chainsaw massacre.

ok, well maybe not fraternity boys, but you get my drift.

The house was on a hill in the woods. As I made my way to the door I walked up into the foyer and this man with this crazed dog appeared. At first I ignored him because I just needed to get my stuff. Then I realized that he was taunting him to attack me. As I ran down the steps pleading for him not to let the dog loose I tripped. The dog nipped me. I looked up and saw a door so I scurried through it. It was a plain wood paneling room, very small. I realized that there was another door so I swung it open anticipating freedom of the outdoors.- So that I can RUN some more.

As I pushed the second door open it stopped abruptly. It hit something. A person I thought. I said "I'm sorry who ever is in there." and turned to go back OUT the door I came in.

there was no way to tell if there was even a door there now.
I was trapped in this room and no idea what or WHO was in the other little room next to me....

I woke up.

I'm looking in my "Freud's Interpretation of Dreams". Volkelt believed that dreams took place not only on a mental level but a physical level also. "The human body as a whole is pictured as a house by dream-imagination and the separate organs of the body by portions of a house. In dreams with a dental stimulus, an entrance hall with vaulted roof corresponds to the oral cavity..."

I am getting a FIFTH wisdom tooth right now.
yah. I'm 36.
The bonding came off my front tooth, an ordeal which is causing me much anxiety.

I guess I didn't stick around long enough because it also says that the actual organ will openly reveal itself at the end of the dream - I would be pulling my tooth out in my dream.
But the other writers thought that this was a bunch of bull.
HOLY crap...
female area and genitals are regarded as "the bottom" = where I was trying to go.
Steps, ladders, staircases are represented as sexual act= walked up steps and tripped back down.
"smooth" walls of which the dreamer climbs, the facades of houses correspond to erect human bodies= the walls of the tiny room were SMOOTH. PLAIN. PANELING.

(AHHHHHHHAA! it's getting really weird! this is all on the same page in the book!)

"wood" seems from its linguistic connections to stand in general for female "material"=SMOOTH. PLAIN. PANELING. WOOD.

I gotta think about this.

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