Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Thoroughbreds. I know. Right?"

Dusty & Fidelio

Here is Dusty (16.0h) standing next to Belda's Holstein-prehistoric-beast, Fidelio. Dusty is in the pasture with Fidelio's friend, Kaileif and he really wants to join them. I'm not sure Dusty is in shape enough to run from that thing but it's looking like later rather than sooner. Even though I'm sure they will get along together, over the gate they were playing lets bite necks and faces as I watched Dusty kick the gate. When I went out to get him I noticed some blood on his front fetlock. Felt it. Tasted his blood. HAAAAAAA just kidding. NO biggie, a little scratch. I dressed it. Hosed it. Gave it a kiss.
Well, TODAY his left front fetlock was so swollen that I could barely see a fetlock at all. (this is when I take a deep long breath alllll the way from my diaphram) and say..."Thoroughbreds. I know. Right?"

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