Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Geneva on the Lake photos: Memorial Day

In that one picture of the two people, that's my brother Frankie and his girlfriend, Julie. Look at his face. This was taken about two seconds after he tried to pass the wheat thins and crackers onto me. Julie just made him carry them. Julie was given them by the only person that wanted to bring them, my mom. haha.

This weekend I took a few shots while taking mutch to see the new hotel in Geneva. We visited the Marina and the beach by the house also. It was actually beautiful outside. Except for the foul stench of dead smelts all over the beach and the gagging fit, it was awesome. This is really a beautiful spot in Geneva. The lake looks georgous. The rest is pretty also, In a Napeleon Dynamite kinda way. Soon, I will post pics from "the strip" - that's where the action is.

As I walked across the marina to the new hotel facility I saw the white chairs set up... I really like these shots. (click on the smaller ones to see full size.)

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  1. I like the photos of the white chairs as well ;). Sorry about not getting back to you sooner about your horsey questions. I've just gotten back online... :)


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