Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The contents of my boot:

- Brand new ceiling fan just purchased from Loew's.
Ceiling fans are pretty cheesy. And the ones that aren't the cheesiest of all, are more than I wanted to spend to be able to sleep without worring about the cats knocking over the box fan and the house burning down. I mean, I don't have the best record in "burning houses down".

to the right, under the fan box, in that green nylon bag is my TENT.
I carry it in my trunk at all times. Just in case.

to the right of my tent is a duffel bag full of my riding gear.
there is: chaps, half chaps, gloves, helmet (on top, the big black spot) a pair of breeches I hate to wear and usually carrots.

at the bottom of the photo are my CD's: Jack Johnson, Ween, Phish, Pink Floyd, "music for warm weather" a favorite mix from my friend, Jimmie Vaughn, Louis Armstrong, Beastie Boys, a booty music mix, a blues mix and a mix with all of Prince's dirty songs on it.
Then, my camera bag which is navy blue, that includes flash cards, batteries/battery charger, and a camera.

My red Roces rollerblades.
At one time they were my most prized posession, until that little girl decided to loopty loop in front of me on her tri-cycle.
I rollerbladed 12 miles mostly every day...years ago. Now I put them on and I can barely breathe. One of the things I need to dedicate more time to this summer.

to the left of the rollerblades are my Ariat riding boots. You can only see the tip of one.
They are the best riding boots EVER.

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  1. I love love Phish and Louis Armstrong. Check out Louis Jordan too. I bet you would love him. How could you not love a man who sings "Ain't Nobody here but us Chickens?"


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