Sunday, May 29, 2005

so I accepted the collect call from the State Pen

After waking up on this fine, sunny Ohio Sunday and having a cup of coffee, I was just getting really into another repeat of The Inferno (some dumb show on Mtv. I don't even know why I watch it.) and I heard it.
My voice, in a pleasent tone announcing that I am unable to come to the phone.
It's the call from the State Juvenile Correctional Facility. I sprung up and ran to pick up the reciever. I pressed 1 to accept the call.
I dont remember his name, all I remember is thinking that I better be nice because this person is in JAIL and we all know... he know's what my number is. And with people that know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows many guys that are in jail, unt uh. I'm not even touchin it.

I do remember the conversation.
carcerated individual: " ya, uh, you know m'nigga mOOse?"
me: "HUH? no. Listen man, whoever you are looking for is not here. They do not have this number anymore."
carcerated individual: "mOOse. Where MOO'at?"
I interupt. "listen. . . listen. the PHONE NUMBER you are calling does not belong to mOOse anymore. This ain't mOOse house. This ain't mOOse number."

then the same instant silance as when I was returning Stephanie's call.

Then I realized.
It was not the same caller.
most of the time when I get these calls, the person leaving their name is different.
I wonder who's old phone number SBC gave me. I think it's some gangsta dude that is responsible for getting the brotha's out of jail, or outta trouble.

Like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction. A lesser version. Set here in Youngstown, Ohio where people will NEVER stop to let you out in traffic, and it hails as holding the two- time - wold champion murder rate of the world (there are even t-shirts to proove it) that's who mOOse is... wolf gangsta.

I'm gonna wait and see if anyone else calls. If so, I'm gonna call the phone company.

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  1. You need to move to MAINE! Our entire state had (I think) 26 murders last year. Nice and low. Have you been riding lately?


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