Friday, May 13, 2005

I now have three jobs. I even missed survivor tonite for one of them. yup, that's how serious I am about this situation. I am working at a banquet center, doing freelance, and bartending. ahhhnd on top of it all, I am riding again. So much better than sitting in front of the computer ALL DAY in a cave or, on the couch. so. much. better.
For now.
When people ask "do you go to school?" my reply is "no. I'm a burned out graphic designer."

I worked both jobs today. The banquet Center in the morning, and the bar in the evening. When I got to the bar, the bartender on duty was one of the people I haden't met yet. As I walked towards the back of the bar, she asked "What can I get you" in a vocally accosting style. I introduced myself to her, and shook her hand. "JEEEEZUUUUUUUUUS!" I gasp. Because, beside sporting some massive camel toe (ooWh) she's also in possession of the world's WORST f'n handshake. The "next time I'll just pat you on the back" handshake.

I'm totally in on the whole "good-handshake" thing, and what it means. I believe that a woman should have a good handshake, however if I shake a woman's hand and it feels more like getting my hand trampled on by a FA-18 fighter jet full of elephants while landing, then I'll gasp- "JEEEEEEZUUUUUUUUUS!"

I thought she was a magician and that she turned her fingers in for some vise grips on the fly. It actually hurt.

After the introductions, she proceeded to sit at the bar and have more than a few Goldschlagger shots.
"haha, honey, don't shake! dont shake!, I already have enough gold in my system, B E L I E V E ME." she'd say as I poured them.
what you said.

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