Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I should put it up as an audio blog.

When I got home from my weekend at the lake, there was one call.
it was still the juvenile correctional facility, but a different caller than the one I talked to.

Today, when I got home from a busy day (that included riding!) there was one message...
Same jail. same dude I talked to.
and when the space for him to leave his name came.

he said: "uhh. callin' fo the girl who picked up the other day."


I am so going to make sure calling SBC is one of the first things I do tomorrow.

beacuse you see, I live alo-EXcept for an attack dog also.a real big one with a really big mouth yeah,don't forget to mention the attack dog here- he atacks on command.yes,on command.

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