Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did I mention that I'm sitting here with a bum leg?

Dusty has not been sweating. It's really dangerous when horses stop sweating because the obvious. They can't cool themselves.  He was sold to me with the disclaimer that "this horse doesn't sweat" After getting him I read everything I could about Anhidrosis in horses. I learned so much from the most reliable sources that I could find on the internet. The only thing that I really would prefer to do about it is the Acupuncture.  From what I've read, it is consistent for positive results. 
HElloOOOoo. I love in Pensacola. Horse Acupuncture?
I gave him some vitamins and some minerals and he just started to sweat again. I know weird right? but heck I really didn't BELIEVE that he just DIDN'T sweat, I just thought that there was something inside him that needed to be jump started, and I believed that it was because he needed minerals- I have no idea what made me think that but, placebo works. 

There was not much of a problem last summer but this summer is a completely different story. It is BALLS HOT down here and with the heat index at 112 degrees walk outside and you are immediately covered in sweat. I like it. NO, no I LOVE it. I love this weather. It is one reason why I love living in Florida.  But its hard for the ponies! I am lucky to have Dusty in a big pasture with trees. I know that he stands under the trees all day but it's 110 Degrees in the shade, literally. The BO is really totally awesome running around and hosing horses off as they come in for dinner, but I consider that it is my responsibility to take care of the situation, and Dusty is not the only one. There are 9 horses at my barn not sweating. Yes, you're right- all Thoroughbreds. One from Ohio is all like "WTF?!"

It started (stopped) the weekend that I rode in the clinic with Joann Rasmussen. She took me out three times to spray him down. He was huffing at a walk. I have been really careful riding him and not making him actually work but for 5 minutes. However, after that day I gave him four days off partly because he broke out in what I thought was hives, but really was a skin bacteria, yes! Dusty got the dreaded back clap that has now turned into a massive body covering case of rain rot. Hello Bleach baths! Bleaching saddle pads!  Bleaching brushes! Bleaching sponges! 

Horse Hives

Horse Hives

His back left leg swelled up like a football, not lame so I just hand walked him for two days then I figured at least to get on and walk him around. 
I went and got some Guiness Beer. Some poultice. Some B12 + Selenium. Some wormer. Some Gatorade powder (he LOVES it), had a coupon for Sand Clear, and lastly some Liniment. What does all that have to do with me getting the OneAC (a product to help Anhidrosis in horses) that I went to the tack store for? 
I decided that I would try the Guniness first. It might've been because a mile down the road I realized that I left without it, but I just couldn't see forgoing a glass of Guiness for a bunch of powder chemicalstuffs. I haven't heard the best about the OneAc, and it says in the directions not to ride your horse and it takes two weeks for it to kick in. 
He likes the Guiness just fine, I put some feed in it though. He didn't even KNOW what a carrot was when I got him and now he will pretty much eat whatever I give him. Especially cotton candy. And Freeze Pops. 

I've been looking for a big huge fan for his stall on craigslist. The box fan I have would be overpowered by me blowing on him. But the BO asks us to get the box fans because the electric bill goes so high in the summer, I'm happy to oblige but right now I will give her however much extra money she requests if I can find a big ass fan. (lol) I started thinking about if I can make the box fan more effective. Its placed on his stall directly in front of the feed trough. 

I tried hanging a bag of ice in front of the fan. Old school air conditioning. Kinda worked. Got lots of laughs. Ice melted in 14 minutes.

I thought about taking the fan apart and finding the little button that will make the fan go faster, you know, like in a clear lighter- how you can take the back off and turn the little sprocket onto TORCH? yah, I don't think that's one of my best but I'm creative!

Then I thought that I would MOVE the fan. I shall move it so it is in the corner on top of the stall, blowing down onto him...


  1. A Big Ass Fan would work perfectly in your horse barn. They are big enough, 8-ft. to 24-ft., and are energy efficient.

  2. That's great! Big Ass fans should donate one to our barn! I will write about it.


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