Wednesday, June 11, 2008

versicolor slub

And for the sake of being a smart eyeeeeasss...

Can I get a manager? I shall now be known as Versicolor-Slub-Cheetah-Woman. Because my skin just feels more comfortable with spots all over it.
awh, c'mon that was funny.

It's more than a little hard to put cream on your own back. I reahhhly need help. Or a lawyer. (lol!)

my back thing.

its a chest thing too.
I think its reasonable cause to call the lawyer...)

But really it's probably just oh, SKIN BACTERIA...

HAH! it affects YOUNG. PEOPLE. tinkittytinkittydahdah.


  1. you don't need cream... one oral diflucan, then workout till you sweat nicely... then don't shower for 12 hours. Presto, it's a cure.

  2. that would make it violently worse...

  3. Get some Selsen Blue shampoo. Apply to the affected area before bed. In the morning, shower and scrub the areas free of the shampoo. Repeat as needed. Should clear up in a few treatments.


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