Tuesday, June 10, 2008

,with respect.

I'm pretty much and as open minded as it gets. In my life I am careful to not judge others. I feel that whatever your roll is, if your happy then that's all that really matters isn't it?

Who am I to state what is wrong with the way you are living your life? Who are you to state what is wrong with the way I am living my life? See?, we can all get along.

There's one thing that I can. not. get. along. with. though. I have to admit. I get really fired up when I start to see updates on the news about this...I just can't help it.

THIS, this "PREGNANT MAN". (I was going to link to it, but I decided NOT to.)
I just have to say a few things.
Ok, so I'm glad that you are a man on the outside dood. I'm very happy for you and your wife and your wonderful addition to your family. I feel very strongly that you will make wonderful parents. You said:"I feel it's not a male or female desire to want to have a child. It's a human desire. And I'm a person, and I have the right to have my own biological child,"
Point taken and Highly endorsed here. But...YOU ARE NOT A MAN.

PLEASE stop running around and saying that you are. You maybe have an enlarged clitoris that give you the ability to have intercourse with your wife -and hey- that's cool. Really! I'm ok with even that! But baby, the last time I checked, that thing? you know? the u l t i m a t e force known since, aahhh, FOREVER? as "MOTHER NATURE" well she has pretty much ruled on the decision making on that for the last, um FOREVER and she makes sure that MAN gets: 1. A Penis and Some Testicles. And, 2. A Woooommmaaan gets, That. In. Which. YOU. HAVE. ooOOhvaaHReeeeS. (I know, I know some get both but this is not the point.)

Yes, I'm sorry but it's true. The ute makes you a (I can say it softer if it it helps) a woman.
sure you grew that thing that you say you use for sexy time, but hell if I get a horn attached to my head does that make me a manicorn? If I get another arm on my back and grow some leaves out of my head am I the treeman? If I make my legs into a big flipper and grow a mustache am I a merman? "But I can swim with this flipper!"

has made you able to lead your life as a man and I'm happy for your comfort through life as a male. You seem like a very dedicated partner and your personality is comforting from what I've seen. You have been very courageous coming out with this and the attention you have attracted to yourself and your family. I've read the comments. No one is really buying that you are a man. So, hey- have some extra parts, a beard, a striped polo button down and even a baby, but PLEASE just really. NO, really, trust. me. Stop proclaiming that you are a MAN.

p.s. I'll be waiting for the you tube video of your kid announcing that her daddy gave birth to her in her sixth grade sex ed class. I like the comedy that rides the line of real life. oooh I really didn't mean that to be mean.

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