Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contemporary Healthcare

The X-s&G is the greatest invention to modern medicine since the sterilization, beneficial to the elevenhundredety people that can't afford Health Care.
It goes like this:
Took a fall, got a bit hurt and wondering if any bones are broken.
Drive 5-15 miles to the nearest drive up X-S&G.
Choose drive up or walk -in.
Slide Twenty Dollars into the slot exactly like a slot machine.
Place this big heavy coat on. Wait for green light.
Place body part up in "this area" and press "this button"

Wait 17 minutes.
"After you pack yourself an ice pack with our free ice, relax in our waiting room on the plush Microfiber sofa, read our endless issues of gossip magazines & wi-fi, and most of all enjoy a quick rest! You've just had an accident and we don't allow fluorescent lights!"

Watch as your film develops and slides through the slot.
Hold it up to the light.

Send a txt to your best friend.
"Naw, dood. It's not broken, I'm not going to the hospital."

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