Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bad days they are never bad, but the "learning" days

6/13/10 Dressage Lesson

A bit off today in our lesson. Me because I kept loosing my stirrups which means that I wasn't using my aids, namely; my seat worth a shit. And that's probably the reason that he decided to pull a few fast ones on me and duck out of the arena as we tracked pass A.

The third time he did it...well, next thing you know I just hauled off and whapped him on the ass with my hand (I don't have to carry a whip THANK GOD.) SO hard it made a loud clap, and BOY! was he ever so surprised, I mean he only did it TWICE BEFORE. He threw his head up in opposition and immediate cantergettingfasterrrrrrr. My hand is now tingling numb and when I looked down, I had a mess of reins. Ok, I wish my fingers to work again. Right now would be great.

 OH MY GOD what have I we started. I KNOW what comes next. LOCK DOWN. I turn his head and I SIT. STRAIGHT. UP. Stopping back, strong abs, hands at withers, STRONG, auhgh!!! STRONG! All I can think is "OMGOMGTWOMORE SECONDS TWOMORESECONDS..." I know that he will give in.
Often I think that my riding will get better as my timing gets more experienced, hence this is a great experience because as soon as I feel the slightest muscle in his body relax I"M OUT OF THERE.

I want to try and explain it in terms that non horse people could really get a good mental picture of some of the experiences we have with our horses. Many people try and do the same, I know. But they are not me and they might not compare putting the lock down on a horse about to something very very STUPID, with uhm- let's say your body is in some kind of coffin with metal studs inside. You tense up every muscle in your body in some last ditch effort to dissapate into thin air because someone just strapped you to the nose of a missile and the coffin handle is stuck so you have to hold back the blasting rocket boosters because you know they will stop a n y s e c o n d?

yah, it's kinda like that.

Doesn't matter though. The good days, the bad days they are never bad, but the "learning" days.  

6/13/10 Dressage Lesson

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