Friday, December 12, 2008

I just can't be having so much pre-saturn in my post-saturn plan.

One of my main concerns right now while my horse is not getting any exercise per say, is to make sure that his head is happy. I am very careful to monitor his attitude because I think if he is in a good positive and playful mood that he is bound to heal quicker. It's got to work just like a person, right?

There were some things going on at the barn that I boarded him at. Even though the barn manager took very good care of the horses, Dusty was pretty much on his own. The people that had horses there as well as the BM had never seen anyone spend so much time with their horse. I had never seen someone not. The other horses on the property were pretty much yanked out of their pastures every two weeks to walk around with sacks of potatoes on their backs. And, HEY, that's fine. The horses were loved and cared for but the Dusty man is an athlete, not a pasture pet. If those horses could work they would have jobs. Dusty has a career (so-to-say).

The family that lived on the property really took me into their lives, and for that I am thankful. For the anger management issues and family related problems going on there I am not. I thought that I was about to get hit by a 50 year old man because I put Dusty in his night pasture during the day. It happened once before when I asked for the fan to be put up in D's stall because it was getting hot. I got attitude because the fan would use TOO MUCH ELECTRICITY.

It got to the point where I was afraid to ask him to clean out the water trough in the pasture because lilly pads were growing in it. If I did it, then I would get yelled at. He took it as "you won't do your job, so I have to just do it myself." Instead of what I was really trying to do- help out. He wouldn't let me get my horse out of the pasture when he was there. It was HIS JOB. I was a caretaker of 32 horses, it's a hard job and a little help was always appreciated. I couldn't add sawdust. I couldn't give hay. I couldn't clean his water-er. It was like I wasn't even PAYing for these things. If you know me, you will know that I love barn chores. I'm certified.

Keith Ambrose

It was the "pasture incident" day when he was totally irrational. I was calm, just listening to him having a meltdown (it reminded me of my father's worst day times TEN), with his mare attached to him via a lead line wrapped around her neck as he is screaming and shuffling the horse around yanking her neck all over the place. "I want you gone, Chris. I REALLY DO! I want you gone now! Go get the trailer! get that horse out of here!!!NO! MOVE HIM NOooooW!"

Although it ended as it did before, a total apology and words retracted, I couldn't have this behavior around my horse, or around ME. Not matter how awesome his German Shorthaired Pointer was.

I feel that I should make it a point to say that these people took care of me. I asked for a bucket warmer and they installed a hot water tank on the wash rack. Whenever I asked for something they made sure to listen. I was appreciative for that and let it be known.
This was just a decision that I had to make. No hard feelings.

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