Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't say its bullshit.

(The post about my childhood that I wrote had been sitting in the "drafts" folder for sometime...)
The day after I wrote that I did one of the routine things that I do on my computer daily. I checked my "astrology" widget on the dashboard of my mac.
Here's what I saw:
10-29-08 and Right

This really freaked me out because I happen to be in a pretty gray mood and I wrote this post with exactly what the astrology widget said in my thoughts.

I had to take a screen grab and put it up because I observe astrological theories and most of the time I feel that these little daily horoscopes are really to broad, much too general to compare to myself. They are merely for a chuckle, I suppose. BUT NOT THIS ONE. Whoever is writing the daily horoscopes for the mac widget is RIGHT. ON (for me). I would say eight out of ten times it really coincides with my day.

I'm wondering if any other mac users have this same experience?

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