Monday, December 15, 2008

Dusty does airs.

Dusty has been feeling so much better lately. He has gotten his spunk back. I'm sure that a lot of it is due to the sweet feed he is on now. He's not getting enough to make him insane (and plus, he's out of work) but just enough to make him a little more lively. He's like he was when I first got him.

His injury is healing more rapidly. He is so happy to be with and around other horses. Although he is alone now when he's turned out from what I've seen over the fence he will fit into the herd well. He's no tough guy, but he likes to play.

I picked up a bright orange ball at the store and took it to him the next day. I showed it to him and he came over to check it out. Then he decided that he hated it and turned around, walked outside and stood with his butt to me. So I started bouncing it in the aisle and the other horses got interested. He appeared at his stall door jealous and then decided he liked the ball. I threw it into his paddock.

As I was cleaning his stall I sent him outside and a minute later I heard knocking sounds coming from outside. I went to look...
My horse was kicking this ball. He was tossing his head around and shuttling the ball around with his nose. When he got it in the air he was so proud of himself that he would jump straight UP off the ground with all four feet. When it rolled under his belly he would rear and trot off a few steps...

I was worried about his injury, but he was wrapped and I just couldn't stop this. I stood there and watched my horse play with this ball like I'd NEVER seen a horse play with a ball ever before. I got rather teary. It it such a relief to see DustyMan have a personality again. He knickers at me often. He is happy here. phew. So am I.

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