Thursday, August 28, 2008

United Flight 158

I was greatly effected by a post that a friend that I used to work with posted on her MySpace blog. So I stole it. She said:

"So as some of you may of heard already, my plane almost went done on the red eye home from California Friday night. 15 minutes into our flight the our engine blew up and the cabin filled with smoked. The lights barely stayed .. flickering and sirens screeched in my ears. It felt like the plane was skidding. For what seemed like forever but only was about 10 minutes, I honestly thought that was it- I was going to die in a plane crash. The woman next to me continually told me that I must take Jesus into my heart because if we crash we are going to die and the Lord is the only free ticket out....She began praying with others near her and singing gospel music to calm herself. A baby was screaming and the view of those near the wing was a ball of fire then a 20foot orange flame (so big that it was all they saw looking out their window) My mind was blank and all I could repeat was that I was scared. It's a feeling I had never experienced and still is giving me the chills.

Obviously we were able to land, cause I am still alive. The pilots turned around and coasted back in on one engine into San Francisco. United now has cause all 240 passengers a lot of anxiety and grief and have giving us the option of $100 or 20% off our next ticket. Which I imagine NONE of us will fly with them again! We weren't able to get a flight home until Sunday, so moooore money was spent on hotels and cab rides. But United doesn't care. From the moment I stepped in their line to check in on our way out there, they were understaffed and sloppy. It was one thing after another with their service, so this just topped it. I will NEVER fly with them again. If you search my flight you will find articles, mostly the same. They obviously make it sound like no big deal and didn't get a description from anyone that was on the flight. They sugar coated it and lied!" -machel44

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  1. I was on that flight too. It was scary as hell. Like you said, United lied about what happened with the plane. Also, they did'nt give us anything to help after this flight. I'll never flight with United again.


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