Saturday, August 09, 2008

Caution: Precious cargo

It really wasn't that hard. Leggs told me it would't be. And she was right. About trailering and also about what she said about Dusty's "off-ness". She's ALWAYS right.

I haven't been able to ride him for a few weeks now. It's a soundness issue. Tracking left (the racetrack way) he looks rather odd in the trot, and is not wanting to canter. I wish I could put a video up here. His stifle area looks "loose", not right. The vet did the usual flex tests and he did not like the hock/stifle flex at all. I was trotting him out and I could feel through the lead that he was not moving right. Not sure if this is the reason for the kicking out or not. He was responding negatively to all of the physical tests but the X-Rays showed nothing in either the stifle or the hock. The vet couldn't get a good X-ray of the stifle because the machine couldn't go through his muscle. (? that's what they told me). He's pretty sore all over. The vet didn't want to do chiropractic on him until she comes to check him in two weeks. She was feeling out his stress spots and he was RESPONDING.

I have noticed that he will repeatedly scratch the same spot on each of his sides, near his hips and then sometimes roll. He always shakes off after the roll. Even though I have been told "well, the bugs..." I just think that this means something. There are no bug bites near where he scratches. I could've sworn that one day he was trying to tell me that there was something going on there.

So he's getting another two weeks off with turnout. I am going to put some thing called Surpass on his leg ( I guess) with bute every other day. I really don't like to use Bute on him at all. I wonder if theres a homeopathic version of it. I can start to put supplements in his feed...when I find out what supplements he needs.

I can call a vet who specializes in lameness.

I got to ride one of my favorite school horses the other day and I haven't been on her in a while.


It went rather well, except for the part where it was so hot and humid I got really dizzy and weak and thought I was going to pass out.

I didn't need the draw reins on her this time and had way more control of the energy she has. She really feels like she's floating when she's collected, its so awesome. Her canter is the best canter I've ever ridden. She didn't try to smash my leg into the poles of the arena this time either. I could tell right away as soon as we entered the arena that she was starting a conversation with me about who the boss is of this ride. I like that I could feel that and I knew what to do at the right time. Yes, I have a problem riding with my hands like that.

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